31 May 2012

Blue Target Curtains

 Remember this?

It's the Target curtain panel that I bought a couple months ago thinking that I would use it to upholster my dining room bench. 
I ended up going in a different direction with my dining room bench fabric so I returned this curtain panel. 

Sam at The Junk House bought a set of these same curtain panels recently and used them the way they're meant to be used- as curtains. And they look so good!!

I love them even more seeing them hung like this!! They are so so pretty. If I had the extra moola I'd be running out now to go get them for my windows. Alas, I've decided though that I'm not spending the money on drapes for this house. Even though I desperately want them- especially after seeing how good these look. I love the color and that pattern. 

Go over and read Sam's post about these curtains and how she got them for a great price! {And also about the near-catastrophie that occurred at the time of the curtain hanging...do you think she'll have 7 years bad luck??} 

30 May 2012

Madonna Is Back In My Living Room

 Nope, not this one

This one:

And would you believe it- she used to be a shirt. 

A onesie in fact. 

This was my favorite, favorite shirt of my daughter's when she was a little baby.

When she grew out of it I saved it, knowing I wanted to find something cool to do with it. 

Enter this box, that I've had since I was a kid.

I bought it at a gift shop after hiking Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. 
My family has been going to that mountain for years so this box is a reminder of all those fun times. 
It's even got the price tag still stuck to the bottom.

Even though it conjures up lots of great memories, it's totally not my style, so it's been stashed away forever. 

I'm a fairly sentimental person but I hate holding on to stuff that I'm never going to actually use, 
so last week when I started organizing our bedroom, 
I found this box and decided I'd finally do something with it. 

But only after I'd given it a fresh look. 

The picture on the top is so so pretty but does not go with my style at all. So I decided to cover it up. I thought about patterned paper, or fabric, and then I remembered the cute Madonna onesie and I knew it'd be perfect. And it'd be two sentimental items combined into one- a space-saving option!

I first tested out the look just by cutting out the print on the front of the shirt and wrapping it over the top of the box.


At least...I loved the fabric on top. I hated it with the wood though. You know how I'm not a fan of wood. Especially that color. It has to be like the table top in this picture: so dark it's practically black. (For the most part...there are some exceptions.)

So I knew that wood color was not going to stay. Plus there's that writing on the front of where the box is from and I don't love that either. 

I love to collect stuff from trips but I don't really want the name of where it's from printed on it.  Even if it was just some crappy item from a gift shop, I don't want it to appear that way. 
So the lettering had to go....

I was reluctant to get rid of the picture on top though. It's so pretty! Especially after I'd painted the box white, because then the picture really popped out. 

But I really don't like it in my house. Such a conundrum. 

But since it pained me to think about covering it in paint, I just cut out a piece of white paper the size of the picture and lightly glued it down just at the edges. (This way the picture wouldn't show through the thin white shirt fabric.)

Then I covered the whole box lid with the piece of shirt that I'd cut out, wrapping the edges like a present and hot gluing it to the inside edge of the box. 

I wanted to make sure this was going to be durable and not get stains so I covered it in several coats of poly-crylic. If I was doing this over again I'd just use Mod Podge. The poly-crylic is so thin and watery that it took forever to dry on the fabric (days) and made the paper that I'd put under the fabric get really wavy. 
Luckily it ended up drying pretty smoothly but if I had a do-over I'd make this easier on myself and just go with Mod Podge. The poly-crylic did do what I'd hoped though- the fabric feels hard as a rock so it's not going anywhere and shouldn't stain easily. 

I did end up with one problem though:
After a couple days, that stubborn lettering on the front of the box started to come through the paint.

I guess it was just determined that I not forget where it came from. 

So to cover it up once and for all, I hot glued some small craft mirrors over it 
(left over from this table project.)

I just LOVE the way it looks!! I think the eyes are my favorite part.

This looks nothing like the humble little wooden box that I brought home from vacation (or like a baby's shirt for that matter.) But the important thing is that I know what they are and where they are from, so this item still makes me smile at the memories, but now also makes me smile at how good it looks in my house. It's a win-win. I feel like a freaking genius. ;D

26 May 2012

Stairs With Glass Railings

I'm really really loving this look.

I love how open and bright this makes a house look. I keep thinking about how cool it would have looked in our Florida house if we'd had this up the length of the stairs and across the half wall of the loft that looked down over the living room. 

23 May 2012

Organizing With My New 31 Bin (And The Tiniest Peek At Our Master Bedroom!)

 I think I may have mentioned a time or two that our master bedroom is a wreck. Like a total, humiliatingly hideous disaster-zone. It's too small to fit much more than our king-size bed, but because this house doesn't have the extra space for a home office, the room also had to function as that for us too. So before we came here we sold all our bedroom furniture (except for the bed) so that we'd have room for our desk, bookshelves, filing cabinet, etc. So now that we are minus a dresser and nightstands we've been living out of plastic bins. It's been super fun.

The two boxes on top hold all of Rob's clothes that won't fit in the closets (-we do have two of them, which really helps!)
The two under those hold all of my crafting/sewing stuff. The bed is literally like a foot and a half to the right- just out of camera shot.

I thought about showing you the rest of the room. But then I'd have to kill myself. 

Just picture us walking sideways most of the time that we're in here. There's only a few spots where we can just walk forward like normal without whacking our hips on something. 

So anyways as you can probably imagine, getting to my crafting stuff is a huge pain. I have to move Rob's boxes up onto the bed, and then if I want to get to my sewing stuff (which is in the bottom box) I have to awkwardly try to drag/carry the craft box over to the only spot of floor large enough for it to fit- by the door. 

Sometimes I'll get the urge to make something then instantly think, Nah.... just because I don't feel like going through the production of getting to everything. 

So when the bin that I got for hosting a Thirty One party arrived, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I was going to use it to make at least one crafting project a ton less hassle: my sewing. 

Most of my sewing stuff is in that huge bin on the floor. But I also have this little box in the closet (buried under sweaters that won't fit anywhere else) that holds some extra parts to my sewing machine. 

And then my sewing machine sits on this shelf in the closet.

Yesterday I consolidated all the stuff that I use on a regular basis when I sew and put them into my adorable new mini utility bin from Thirty One

Now when I want to sew something I can just grab my sewing machine and this one easy-to-carry container instead of having to move a bunch of stuff around and dig through two different boxes. 

Just this one simple change made me motivated to try to organize the rest of this room a little bit better. I know people were asking me for a look at it. I'm just not there yet. I would loose all credibility. haha. Even the couple little peeks I just gave you have me feeling like I'm going to break out into hives. Just know that I go to bed at night surrounded by four walls of 70's paneling that have more stuff stacked around them than should ever be brought into one room, and that I fall asleep to the sounds of the window ac unit buzzing 4 inches above my head. {No, sweet dreams are NOT made of this.}

But little improvements like what I did yesterday make me feel better. And one day I'll get brave enough to showcase the whole room. Just not today. 

22 May 2012

A Bright And Colorful Nursery

Last week Sarah of A Beautiful Life told me about the gorgeous nursery she and her sister designed for her sister's new baby Emma Kate. (I'm loving that name btw!) These girls made a ton of what you see in here themselves- including the drapes, pillows and bedding. They designed the room around the fun and bright fish artwork you see on the wall (by artist Romero Britto).

 I love how bold it is and how they didn't go with the expected soft colors that are typical in nurseries. There are lots more pictures so be sure to go over to Sarah's post to see the rest of the room (and a picture of the adorable little Emma Kate herself!) Thanks for sharing Sarah- I love it!!


21 May 2012

My Bench Fabric Is Here!!

 So if you remember,  several weeks ago I made a spur-of-the-moment purchase at Target- this pretty, peacock blue curtain panel:

I bought it because at the time I wanted to use it to upholster my dining room bench:

Once I got it home though, I didn't love it with the dining room rug. They didn't look awful together, but I didn't love the two prints together. The rug is such a basic, graphic print that I wanted to pair it with a print that was a lot busier. And this Target curtain panel, while it had more going on with the design than the simple zig-zag lines of the rug, was still not busy enough for me to love the two together. So back to Target it went. 

I hunted online for weeks to find the perfect fabric for this bench and also for my coffee table- which is going to be an upholstered ottoman soon! I wanted two fabrics that looked great together but that weren't matchy-matchy. And also the one for the bench had to look great with the rug. I wanted that one to be the busiest of the two fabrics. 

Sooo, after much deliberation, I picked my two fabrics and I just LOVE them!! I'm still waiting on the one for the coffee table to arrive so I'll wait to reveal that one, but the fabric for the bench showed up today and I'm thrilled with it!!

It's from Spoonflower  and it's called Gray Cream Ikat. I had been debating whether I wanted to go with a super brightly colored fabric for the bench. For a little while I'd had my eye on this one:

It's the Aztec Armor, also on Spoonflower. 

At this point I'd already chosen the fabric for the ottoman, and while the two look nothing alike, the pointy shape of the feather ends mimics the shape in the design of the ottoman fabric (you'll see when I post about it!:) So the two would have worked well together. 

But in the end I decided to go with my gut and get the simple gray and white Ikat and I'm sooo glad I did! 

I laid it out across the bench to see in person how it looks with the rug, and it's perfect!!

I'm DYING to get this on here for real so we can start living with it! I just want to skip over the whole "proper upholstering" and just grab my glue gun and stick the fabric down now! (But I won't, I promise.)

I got a bunch more of this fabric than I needed because I have some other fun plans for it that I'll talk about later! 

OH, but before I go, I've been meaning to show you guys what I won in a giveaway a few weeks ago. It's going to come in pretty handy for my upcoming upholstery projects...

This I-Top that I can use to make fabric covered buttons- perfect for the tufting I want to do on the ottoman! (and possibly the bench too.)

It came with a whole box of accessories:

...the best being all these buttons and pins just waiting for fabric.

I'm going to have a ton of fun with this thing!

The giveaway was on the site The Winthrop Chronicles
and I just want to tell Sarah again thanks so much!!

17 May 2012

Latest Blog Crushes

 I love finding new blogs to read. What attracts me most to a decor blog is when I love the home of the blogger.  Here are a few that I've recently found and that have me going back again and again for their house tours:

Her kitchen is so pretty I could cry. 
I just want to press my face up against all that gorgeous marble and start singing. 

Every time I look at this hallway I want to do a gallery wall in a corner!

{Why yes, I'd love to come in....}

Looking at this dining room makes me feel like I NEED a fish tank.

I love how she accessorizes! She has me itching to stick a plant into a shell!

I'm in love with her DIY cloud art (you'll have to go over and check it out!) but she actually had me at the layered rugs- I'm obsessed with layered rugs!

These are just a few of the many, many MANY design blogs that I enjoy. It would seriously take me like a week to feature them all! But these are the newest (to me) who's homes have my heart fluttering.