31 May 2012

Blue Target Curtains

 Remember this?

It's the Target curtain panel that I bought a couple months ago thinking that I would use it to upholster my dining room bench. 
I ended up going in a different direction with my dining room bench fabric so I returned this curtain panel. 

Sam at The Junk House bought a set of these same curtain panels recently and used them the way they're meant to be used- as curtains. And they look so good!!

I love them even more seeing them hung like this!! They are so so pretty. If I had the extra moola I'd be running out now to go get them for my windows. Alas, I've decided though that I'm not spending the money on drapes for this house. Even though I desperately want them- especially after seeing how good these look. I love the color and that pattern. 

Go over and read Sam's post about these curtains and how she got them for a great price! {And also about the near-catastrophie that occurred at the time of the curtain hanging...do you think she'll have 7 years bad luck??} 


  1. The curtain gods will reward you some day for being so strong! :)

  2. Every time I pass the curtain aisle at Target I think of you now :) I love these curtains too!

  3. Thanks for featuring my curtains! They would look so much better without the mini-blinds, but I don't want my neighbors snooping, so I guess they have to stay!

  4. I have put those exact curtains in my cart a million times only to put them back before I check out because I tell myself they are too much money. lol! Love them.

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