09 May 2012

A DIY Animal Hide Rug

Maybe it's because of the fiasco I've been having with my living room rug (which I'm happy to report is still fresh and clean smelling!) but I'm kind of obsessing over rugs lately. I think it's also because I've been shopping around for a second rug to layer over the jute rug in the living room- which is why the whole mildew thing (see the link above) was extra frustrating: if I end up having to pitch my current rug it's going to totally screw up my living room plans!

So anyways I just wanted to share this awesome diy animal hide rug I came across today:

This was made by Kate of Make Moore.  Her instructions are great and a diy version of this type of rug is sooo much less pricey than the real thing. Check out her post here.  


  1. Wow! This project is absolutely cool and fabulous! Who would have thought?

    Thanks for sharing this creative project with us!


  2. Ooooo. I dig that rug. Like it better than my vinyl one.

    Thanks for stopping by.