14 May 2012

How To Make New {Looking} Coasters Using Magazines

 Well first of all I want to thank everyone who ordered from my online Thirty One party last week! Thanks to you guys the mini utility bin I was wanting is now on it's way! Even though my party is over, you can still always order Thirty One products from my friend Diane- just go to http://www.mythirtyone.com/dianeboyce and you can place an order from her at any time without needing to go through a party.

So this weekend I worked on a little project....I made these guys:

Last Friday I was doing some browsing online and contemplating ordering coasters from Jonathan Adler. We have some nice coasters that we got as a wedding present 9 years ago, but now their style doesn't really go with the look of our decor so I've had them stashed away. So then last week when I was cringing over the price of the JA coasters, I got the idea to make over the ones I've already got.

Here is what these coasters originally looked like:

They're a rough stone and pretty heavy-duty; like I said, nice coasters. They went really well with the look of our house the first few years that Rob and I were married, but now my styling is a lot different so these just don't mesh that well. 

So to change them up I had the idea to put a design on the top of each one (There are three...the fourth one broke a few years ago) using images I cut out of magazines. So I pulled out every copy of House Beautiful and Architectural Digest that I have and searched for pictures that I thought would look good on top of my coasters. I wanted each one to have a totally different image, but to all have similar coloring. 

When I found pictures I wanted to use, I ripped the page out and used a coaster to trace a circle around the image, then cut out the circle. 

I painted the coasters with a couple coats of white paint, then while the paint was still wet I put the cut-outs from the magazines on top and just used the wet paint as my adhesive. When the paint was dry I went over the coasters with several coats of polycrylic. The first two coats were thin and I had to use a credit card to smooth out all the air bubbles from under the paper. But they dried perfectly smooth, so then I was able to pile on another few thick coats of polycrylic without worrying that the paper would bubble. 

These are now totally water-safe. {I think....time will tell!}

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  1. You never cese to amaze me Brooke! :) What a great idea!!

  2. Brooke, you are always the creative one! Love the one with the Chanel dial. You did a great job transforming the coasters!


  3. I'm always on the lookout for cute coasters, and this is such a clever and frugal idea--thank you for sharing it with us! I may have to give it a try.

  4. These are awesome. I love the Chanel watch one.