11 May 2012

I Found My Elusive Mantel Object...{plus a few more updates}

 Remember a few posts back when I talked about wanting to find an object for my mantel to throw off the perfect symmetry?

I was hoping for something small, something metallic, and hopefully something utilitarian since everything else on the mantel looks really soft and natural. 

I didn't find my new item in a store like I'd been thinking I would...instead, I found it on my coffee table. 

Small...check. Metallic....check. Utilitarian...check. Everything I'd been searching for in this cute little cup.

This worked out perfect anyway because since I have been planning on turning our coffee table into an upholstered ottoman, I'm having to rethink the setup in that wooden bowl. Those clear vases with the apples aren't sturdy enough to stay there once the bowl isn't sitting on a perfectly flat surface, so since those needed to be switched out anyway, it was the perfect opportunity to give this little cup a new home.

I could have just dumped the apples out of the vases and into the wooden bowl, but I really like the way they look stacked vertically inside the glass. So I did some tweaking to the shelves in the dining room and added them over there. 



I have to admit that this bottom shelf bugs me just a teensy bit since that zebra box is a smidge wider than the stack of magazines under it. But that box is just a "filler item" anyways until I eventually replace it with something nicer, and I really can't expect perfection from a shoe box that I filled with paper "grass".

I have to say here how much I LOVE that all the colors on these shelves are the same (black, whites, greens...) except for that one surprise pop of blue. I realize it's hard to get the full affect with my crappy iPhone pictures though...someday I'll have a nice camera. 

Anyways, back to my switch ups...
The spray painted zebra has been moved to the cabinet next to the fireplace. 

For now the wooden bowl on the coffee table is standing empty in all it's egg-shelled glory

But I'm making plans...


  1. Your dining room looks great! I tend to go for lighter colors but I absolutely love your color combination.
    Don’t you just love when you find a needed decorative item from your own house! I love moving things around to freshen up the look of a room.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. These photographs are absolutely amazing! Love these gorgeous colors.


  3. Its the perfect odd balance item! Great job!! Happy Mother's day!! :)

  4. The cup looks great on your fireplace mantel. Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a wonderful celebration!


  5. The cup really suits it’s new home! You are turning your coffee table into an ottoman? Now this is one DIY project I want to follow along with!