23 May 2012

Organizing With My New 31 Bin (And The Tiniest Peek At Our Master Bedroom!)

 I think I may have mentioned a time or two that our master bedroom is a wreck. Like a total, humiliatingly hideous disaster-zone. It's too small to fit much more than our king-size bed, but because this house doesn't have the extra space for a home office, the room also had to function as that for us too. So before we came here we sold all our bedroom furniture (except for the bed) so that we'd have room for our desk, bookshelves, filing cabinet, etc. So now that we are minus a dresser and nightstands we've been living out of plastic bins. It's been super fun.

The two boxes on top hold all of Rob's clothes that won't fit in the closets (-we do have two of them, which really helps!)
The two under those hold all of my crafting/sewing stuff. The bed is literally like a foot and a half to the right- just out of camera shot.

I thought about showing you the rest of the room. But then I'd have to kill myself. 

Just picture us walking sideways most of the time that we're in here. There's only a few spots where we can just walk forward like normal without whacking our hips on something. 

So anyways as you can probably imagine, getting to my crafting stuff is a huge pain. I have to move Rob's boxes up onto the bed, and then if I want to get to my sewing stuff (which is in the bottom box) I have to awkwardly try to drag/carry the craft box over to the only spot of floor large enough for it to fit- by the door. 

Sometimes I'll get the urge to make something then instantly think, Nah.... just because I don't feel like going through the production of getting to everything. 

So when the bin that I got for hosting a Thirty One party arrived, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I was going to use it to make at least one crafting project a ton less hassle: my sewing. 

Most of my sewing stuff is in that huge bin on the floor. But I also have this little box in the closet (buried under sweaters that won't fit anywhere else) that holds some extra parts to my sewing machine. 

And then my sewing machine sits on this shelf in the closet.

Yesterday I consolidated all the stuff that I use on a regular basis when I sew and put them into my adorable new mini utility bin from Thirty One

Now when I want to sew something I can just grab my sewing machine and this one easy-to-carry container instead of having to move a bunch of stuff around and dig through two different boxes. 

Just this one simple change made me motivated to try to organize the rest of this room a little bit better. I know people were asking me for a look at it. I'm just not there yet. I would loose all credibility. haha. Even the couple little peeks I just gave you have me feeling like I'm going to break out into hives. Just know that I go to bed at night surrounded by four walls of 70's paneling that have more stuff stacked around them than should ever be brought into one room, and that I fall asleep to the sounds of the window ac unit buzzing 4 inches above my head. {No, sweet dreams are NOT made of this.}

But little improvements like what I did yesterday make me feel better. And one day I'll get brave enough to showcase the whole room. Just not today. 


  1. I totally feel you, Brooke because I had the same experience as well. When we relocated and moved to a temporary rental apartment from NC to IL, we slept in a small bedroom surrounded by mountains of paper boxes and plastic containers! Not fun at all. So, I pestered my hubby to buy a house ASAP and we did get out of there in 6 months. Phew.


  2. I'm so glad you like the bin! Thanks for posting about it, and thanks again for hosting! Joan is next on the 31st! You guys are great!

  3. Love the bin! And I can sympathize on the no space. We had that problem in our rental before this house. Our bedroom now isn't big at all, but by comparison it feels huge.

  4. I had to laugh at this Brooke! It sounds exactly like my bedroom! We have a serious lack of space (when we moved in we thought we would be fine but we didn’t estimate the amount of junk we would accumulate) so our office is in our bedroom and as a result we have reduced cupboard space. This means that some of my wardrobe has to be stored in bins and bags under the bed! I can spend hours looking for something in particular and then I just give up! This has motivated me to finally get organised and come up with a better solution! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hi Brooke: I canot tell you how many homes I go into where folks are "ashamed" of the master bedroom.. It is easily the most neglected room in the home it seems. Don't feel badly! You will get there and when you do you will proud to show it off!