26 May 2012

Stairs With Glass Railings

I'm really really loving this look.

I love how open and bright this makes a house look. I keep thinking about how cool it would have looked in our Florida house if we'd had this up the length of the stairs and across the half wall of the loft that looked down over the living room. 


  1. In my opinion, glass railings for stairs makes the house looks more elegant and more modernized. Glass allows a brighter atmosphere which makes the house interior lovely.

    1. I agree Celine. I want them in my next house.

  2. “I'm really really loving this look.”-- And I know why! These all look beautiful, particularly the stairs glass railings. It's very modern-looking and can complement almost in any design. These are great inspirations, and I hope you'll achieve this in your Florida home.

    |Bonita Bramer|