26 June 2012

The Coffee Table Is Now An Ottoman!

We spent all of Saturday turning this

into this

This is the second big makeover to happen to this table in it's life time. 

Here it is in our first house not long after we bought it (8-ish years ago):

And here it is now, after getting it's legs shortened and stained and getting it's top built out and upholstered. 

Now, if you're thinking that this thing is way too huge for our little living room, you're totally right. 
We know that it is. 

But since we're only renting this house while my husband is in school, I don't like to decorate just for this place. I don't want to customize everything to fit a temporary house. So, it doesn't all work perfectly now, but in the next place (where I'm hoping to have a living room more the size of our last one) this will work perfectly. And until then, we're still enjoying it because it's seriously comfortable!!

And I think it's so pretty. 

Check out the legs on this thing:

Now if you're also thinking that these legs match our couch just way too perfectly -dark brown, medium brown, light tan- don't worry, because I don't plan on the couch looking this way for long! I have plans for it that will make everything feel more balanced. 

We're actually not done with the ottoman yet, we still have to tuft the top. But it'll have to wait until we get back from a trip to Vegas that we're taking in a few days. 

I also need to get a tray so we have a place to set drinks. I'm not going to put the bowl that used to sit here back on it. I'm worried that it will stain the fabric since every time I clean it it leaves brown smears on the rag. Plus the bottom of it isn't even anyway so even with a coaster it's not the greatest place to set cups. I'll have to find a new home for my egg shelled bowl

I love the way the ottoman fabric looks with the bench fabric. 

My crappy phone pictures don't do the colors justice though. The ottoman fabric looks almost blue in this picture but really it's a pretty gray and looks really nice with the lighter gray pattern on the dining room bench. 

I can't wait to see this with lots of pretty tufts on top! 
I'll have a tutorial for how we did all this {hopefully} tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and an update on that Olioboard challenge I entered last week: I didn't win. Boo. I really really appreciate all the votes though! I never would have gotten enough to get me into the top 25 without you guys so thanks a ton! 


  1. I love it! And I love the fabric you picked! I can't wait to see it tufted. It's going to look even more amazing!

  2. Fantastic job!! I love the fabric that you have chosen. Megan

  3. I love this coffee table turned ottoman makeover! It's fabulous. It reminds me of the West Elm ottoman! Looking forward to see it tufted.


  4. Amazing!!! What vision and the execution is perfect!!

  5. Fab job for sure! It looks amazing and I love the fabric. Perfect choice!

  6. This is super cute Brooke!! It turned out amazing :)
    Don't you just love when something gets completely finished?!?


  7. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! big change!!!
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  8. Wow, you've been a busy girl - love the new ottoman, it's gorgeous! I like how it doubles as a coffee table and comfy leg rest. Well done!! p.s iced coconut cream recipe is up ;)

  9. Okay...You've now got me on the hunt for a coffee table!!! Mine is heavy and has drawers, but I do have a couple leftover white, yellow, and gray tablecloths from my brother's rehersal dinner that would be perfect for this! How did you do the corners? Thanks for any input!!! Pinning for a definite future project! By the way...Love your decor! I'm a renter too and it's nice to see that you can make it your own too!!! Sarah @ dwellonjoy.com

  10. Awh, that is great! I love it, esp the bold print in the space. It looks super - but you know what I am drooling over? The yellow upper wall esp the mantle wall and the round mirror!!!! The whole room looks awesome. Thank you for the snaps at my site change :D (loving me some yellow and turquoise)

  11. Great option! The fabric is stunning. In fact,I have some pillows in my shop with the same fabric.
    Your home is lovely!

  12. Looks great Brooke!