15 June 2012

The Coffee Table To Ottoman Project Has Commenced

 And here is how far we've gotten....

I took all the legs off the table. 

That was Saturday and now it's been sitting on the floor like this all week. 

Last weekend we had great intentions to get this done, until Rob went to Home Depot and found out that the tool he'd need to shorten all the legs was out of stock. I had removed all the legs while he was gone and I didn't feel like putting them back on, so we've lived with it like this for the past week. 

Maybe I'll start a new trend.

My kids are loving it this way. My 18 month olds think it's great for running across and for my 7 year old it's the perfect height for eating a snack while sitting on the floor in front of the tv. 
As for me, I'm not loving this look (or almost tripping over it every time I come around the side of the couch) so I'm really hoping to get this project going again soon!


  1. Your kids are so adorable! And now you have a Japanese dining table in your living room. :)

    Looking forward to see the finished project!


  2. I've been there before. I have one curtain hung in my dining room and the other half of the window is bare as we need to get a special anchor to fix the curtain rod. Good times. :) Can't wait to see the table turned ottoman!