28 June 2012

How I Distressed My Ottoman's Legs

 If you missed it, here's yesterday's post about turning my coffee table into an upholstered ottoman. 

One of the big changes I made to this table (besides covering it in fabric) was to it's legs.
When this was a table, they were painted white. 

When I decided to turn the table into an ottoman, I had a really hard time deciding what I wanted to do to the legs. Part of me wanted to do the easy thing and just leave them white, but the other part of me wondered if I would like this particular shade of white with the ottoman fabric. Keeping in mind some plans I have for the couch, I kept thinking I would probably like the legs better if they were dark. 

Still, I waited until the 11th hour to decide. 
Then the night before this table got turned into an ottoman, I raced outside with it's legs and started sanding the paint away. 

My plan was to just strip away all the paint with a heavy grit sandpaper, and then stain the legs a dark walnut color. 
But then as I started sanding, the leg was looking like this:

and I was really liking it. I found myself purposely not sanding off some of the paint because I thought it looked cool with those left over spots still on it. 

So my plan changed again, and I decided that instead of evenly stained legs, I wanted to go for a more aged, weathered look. I thought it would mix with some of the more modern decor items I have in a cool way. 

So all the legs got sanded with a rough grit sandpaper. I didn't bother doing much to the bottom since that part was getting chopped off anyway. 

Then I brushed on a dark walnut stain, painting it on heavier in some spots than others. I only left it on long enough to get the stain applied to all of them. Then I immediately went back and started wiping the stain away with a rag. 

Then I gave them a coat of Poly-crylic and left them out to dry. 

By this time it was too dark out to take pictures so here's one of the legs in our living room the next morning. 

If we'd be seeing this entire thing all the time it'd be way too much distressing for me. (Besides you know I'm not the hugest fan of wood.)
But since we only see like half of this, it's not overwhelming in the room and the weathered touch looks cool with the ottoman fabric. 


  1. Wow! What a fantastic idea! I don't think I've heard of anyone turning a coffee table into an ottoman. Very cool.

  2. Did you get out of your chair? I love to be outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter. I love the sun and don't like the snow ---in Utah, that is.

  3. How lovely! Have a wonderful weekend ahead, Kellie xx