12 June 2012

Making Our Homes Match Our Style {& My Long Love Of Zebra}

 I said a while ago that I was going to show some pictures to prove that my zebra print obsession is not a new one. I've had it for a looong time.

Just take a look at my homecoming dress from high school. I think this was 11th grade but I'm not positive. (That's my twin sis with me :)

More proof...

That's me (on the right) on a cruise a few years ago. Check out the purse (that I still have and LOVE)

And there's also these shoes-

Heck, even the insides of my glasses are zebra print. 

So it should come as no surprise that I always gravitate towards images like these:

It took me a long time to figure out that it was ok to have my house styled in a similar way that I style myself. When my husband and I first got married and I started to decorate our house, I was really young and not super confident in my decorating choices. So I just stuck with what seemed the safest and what the people around me were doing. I never did anything really trendy or edgy; I played it totally safe and did what I felt would be acceptable to anyone who came in the door. As a result, my house looked like a Rooms-To-Go catalog, and while there wasn't anything wrong with it, it didn't feel like "me". 

It's so funny when I think back now on all the choices I made that inside I wasn't totally thrilled with, but I made them because they seemed like the acceptable choices. Take all our furniture for example: I have never been a fan of wood. Even as a kid. I think it was because our house was pretty dark inside, so I was always craving a lighter feeling in there. I remember once when my dad was doing some remodeling, and one of his friends was urging him to add lots of dark wood trim all around. I was standing off to the side going "No! Don't make it dark! Paint it white- I hate wood!!" But then I grew up, got a house of my own, and when my husband and I went furniture shopping, every single thing I picked out was wood. That's what everyone had; wooden furniture. So that's what I got too. 

It took me a long time to figure out that the best houses are a reflection of the people who live inside, and that my house was not reflecting my personality. It was when I started getting braver, and letting trends and fashion and most importantly my own personal taste rule my decorating choices, that I really started feeling like my house was "right". 

Doesn't all this just make my couch pillows seem meant to be?? ;)


  1. Great post! I agree completely. And I know exactly what you mean. Growing up every piece of furniture was oak and I was sick of it. But I still ended up buying wood furniture for my own house. I guess because that's what I was used to or I didn't really know it was OK to buy other kinds of pieces. I still wonder what my mom will think of my choices, but I don't really care. She has her house to decorate how she likes and I have mine. And actually, everything I've painted she's liked.

  2. I agree with your wholeheartedly. We should decorate the way we like instead of pleasing everyone around us. Remember that we are the one who live in our house. For me, I decorate for my own well being and I just want to feel happy in my own space. You can't please everyone, right? Alright, exception would be pleasing my husband (in the decorating dept) 'coz he's the one who is paying the mortgage and he lives here, too. :)

    As for as style and decorating goes, I think yes, we do decorate the way we dress. I love wearing outfits with classic, simple silhouettes with details, outfits that are colorful and I tend to wear lots of stripes too. It goes without saying that my home is colorful and has lots of striped patterns as well. Go figure! :) LOL.

    Have a good day, Brooke. Nice post!


    1. LOL I totally agree about the husband Jessie! We do have to compromise for them since they have to live in the house too!

  3. I love zebra too lol and those heels are just plain rockin!

  4. Zebra print is so much fun, I love it too!! p.s I'm a new follower! xo

  5. so cuuuteee :)


  6. You are so zebralicious! Great picks trend setter!