21 June 2012

Olioboard Challenge

 I just signed up at Olioboard about a week or so ago and boy is it FUN! I've only actually finished one moodboard on there so far, but I can already tell that this site is going to be addicting. Oh, and did I mention that it's free?? (Unless you choose to upgrade to their "Pro" addition, which I haven't yet.)

So anyways the reason for this post is that I just entered the nursery above into a challenge that Olioboard is having that's sponsored by Wayfair: you have to create a moodboard of a nursery or child's room using at least 3 Wayfair items, and the winner of the best moodboard gets $250.00!

You guys know how greedy I am (e.g.- all my Lust Lists!!) so I'd really love to win!! But my moodboard skills are pretty rusty compared to a lot of the people entering. So if you guys go on and vote for my board it would really help me out!

 Go here to vote! (Just click on the heart next to my moodboard.) Thanks so much!!


  1. Hi,
    I just voted for your nursery to win. Good luck!

  2. Great board! I LOVE olio board =) great site!

  3. How fun!! I'm on it girlfriend, I'll go over now. :)

  4. It is totally addicting!! I love your board and am going to vote for you now :)

  5. Good job, Brooke, love the crib and art! I just voted!