23 July 2012

A Colorful Picture Display


I love this cute photo wall a friend of mine did recently. 

When I first saw it I thought the pictures were in colored frames, but instead she painted big colorful rectangles on the wall, got the photos enlarged onto canvas, and then just hung them over the painted rectangles. Super easy and I love how the black and white photos stand out against the pops of color! 

Wanna see another room in this cool chic's house? Go here!


  1. I like it too! very simple and quick.

  2. Brooke, I have so much to tell you. 1. your site might have a virus or something because since Wednesday last week when I share the story about my husband that died, I haven't been able to get to your site until right now. wierd.
    2. I love your ottoman and especially these frames --- in my new colors that I am loving lately.
    3. You took off those old navy bikini ads (thank goodness) but the target ad was really funky and was slowing down your site's ability to load. I've got to run but i'm grabbing your email and we can discuss it further, if I can't get back into your site. just fyi! (hug) :D

    1. Hi Renae, that's really weird that you haven't been able to get on...I had my husband check from his computer and everything seems normal. And my page views haven't dropped or anything so I think everything is running ok. I have noticed a few of the ads make things load slowly. I don't choose the ads or do anything with them- the ad network that I'm signed up with does all that. So I can't pick them or mess with them, I just get what they stick on here. Thanks for the heads up; I'm going to just cross my fingers that it was just a fluke or something and that everything is fine! :)

  3. ok, email was funky too. Write to me so I will have your email address, k?


    ok? thank you!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great idea--love the simplicity of this diy and it's actually something I could do with my limited diy skills!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. What a fun and simple idea to display pictures!

    Thanks for entering my current giveaway. Good luck, girl!


  6. What a very clever idea. The B&W pop on the colors. Perfect!

  7. Beautiful idea!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  8. That is very cute..a nice way to make a wall decor with the help of cute kids.

  9. So clever! I was convinced that they were frames.

  10. This is fantastic, Brooke. Another great idea. So so cute.