20 July 2012

Ottoman Accessories


So I've showed you how Rob and I turned our coffee table into an ottoman, then how we tufted it, and now for the part that I think is the most fun- how I accessorized it!

I needed a tray so that we'd have a place to set drinks and I found this big square one at Crate & Barrel:

It's called the Samba White Tray and it was the perfect size for this big ottoman. And at less than $28 it was a great price for this style tray. 

I brought back the glass bottle with the {fake} leaves from my last coffee table arrangement...

...along with the box that I covered with my daughter's old shirt-

and the coasters that I covered in pictures ripped from magazines.

There's also some newbies here too, like this candlestick from Ikea:

and a couple books I covered-

this one in paper I ripped from the back of a children's book:
You can see what else I've done with that paper here

and this one that I covered in this feather printed wrapping paper:
You can see what else I've done with this paper here

I set a black book under it because I liked how the colors on the paper popped against the black, 
and because I wanted to really bring in the black and white theme.  

And then to add some texture to the other side of the ottoman I added this sheepskin throw from ikea:

I love how it all looks together!


  1. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I'm pretty much obsessed.


    1. Yay, thanks Liz!! I've missed you!!

  2. Ooh la la, everything is so gorgeous. I love the ottoman and how you styled it.

  3. Great posts on the making and decorating the ottoman... Hope you're having a nice one!

  4. Ahhh totally looove your ottoman print. Beautifully styled:)

  5. WOWWWW!!! This is such a beautiful setting!!! Would you like to follow each other?


  6. Hello,
    Looking amazing. I have my eye on that Ikea throw for a long time....

  7. Fabulous styling, Brooke! Love all the different elements and textures!

    Have a good day!