26 July 2012

The New Design Star!!

 *Spoiler alert- I'm about to say who it is, so if you haven't watched the last episode yet then stop reading now!!!*

So I was on pins and needles Tuesday night waiting to find out the winner of Design Star! It came down to my two favorites from the very beginning-



They both are so talented and I absolutely love their style!!

I thought that since I loved them both that the finale would be less stressful for me since I knew that no matter what I was going to be happy. But I was still freaking out by the end wondering who was going to win. Last year I wasn't excited about either of the choices so the finale was a little ho-hum for me. But by the last few minutes of this season's finale I was bouncing up and down on the edge of the couch in anticipation and you'd have thought I was a contestant. That's what I love about reality tv. You just can't get that kind of vicarious living any other way. 

Anyways I thought both girls did a great job on their final challenge. 

I looooved the makeover Britany did:

Danielle's was completely not my taste (and it didn't seem like her's either) but she did a really great job at giving the home owners exactly what they wanted:

And the next Design Star is...


I really really like her so I was thrilled! (But sad to see Britany go home.) 

Will anyone else be watching Danielle's new show "Shop This Room"? It premiers Aug 4 at 8/7c. 
I'm excited to check it out!


  1. Hi Brooke,
    I love this show, but I have not seen one episode... I adore the colors on the wall. Very chic.

    Hope everyone visits my blog to check on your guest post today! And I thank you again.

    1. Thanks Priscila! I've got my post up now to send everyone over there! I'd forgotten to ask what time you were posting, so I just threw up this "filler" post in the meantime until my post went live on your side. Thanks again for having me!

  2. I love Design Star! I'm so glad Danielle won. I really like her and her design aesthetic. I'll definitly check out her new show!

    1. Me too! I'm really excited to see what her show is like!

  3. The final 4 were my 4 favorites, so I knew I'd be happy at the end of the season no matter what. I really didn't care for either of last season's finalists and I don't watch Meg's show. I've seen the end of a couple episodes waiting for The High Low Project to start and I haven't been too impressed. Anyway, I'm definitely going to check out Danielle's show. I wish they'd give Britney a show too...she's crazy talented.

  4. I actually was really pulling for Brittany but that's mostly because I really related to her style. I"d love for her to redesign my house. But watching the pilot clips of their shows I think Danielle had more personality.

  5. Ugh, I was a total Brittany fan. I hope she still gets a show, i love modern-glamilicious or whatever her style was called:)

  6. I didn't watch Design Star on tv but it was one of my favorite shoes! Judging by these two rooms, they are both talented!

    Thanks for sharing!