31 August 2012

A Mouse In My House


So today I'd been planning on posting about a bunch of bedroom rearranging and organizing that we've been doing around here, but I'm just not in the frame of mind to post about that after experiencing a traumatic event this morning. 

Here is the panicked text that I sent to my sister. 
Sorry that my language is so colorful; I was under duress. 

Yes. A freaking mouse. In my house. Running right past my feet. I don't think I have ever screamed so loud in my entire life. All the windows were open so I'm surprised a neighbor didn't think I was being attacked and call 911. I heard the bathroom door bang open upstairs so I was screaming for Rob to come down because there was a mouse, and he yelled down that he was on the toilet so I screamed back "I'm on the table!!!!" 

Here is the scene of the horror, and the vacuum where I abandoned it. 

From my vantage point on top of the table I had seen the mouse run under this radiator by the front door.

I sat up on the table and continued to scream while I dialed the pest control company and then in my out-of-breath, panic-stricken voice told the lady who answered that I had just seen a mouse and that I was up on my table and I needed someone to come out to the house right away. But she said the soonest anyone can come is Wednesday, which means I have to live through the weekend and halfway into next week knowing there is a mouse (or mice!!) lurking somewhere in the house. I asked her what I should do in the meantime and how people stay safe if there are mice in their house and she said to set out traps. Oh-em-gee. Can't believe this is happening. 

Meanwhile Rob had come down and was trying to coax me off the table. I told him I thought I'd stay up there until he finishes school in 2 years. He got a flashlight and shined it under the radiator and that's when he saw the hole in the floor that I told my sister about in the text. Holy crappers. An actual mouse hole. I thought those only existed in tv shows. I was still in compete freakout mode and was shrieking to Rob that this can't be happening because it's 2012 and people don't get mice in their houses in 2012. He was trying to calm me down and kept saying he knew it was totally gross but that I didn't have to be so terrified of a little mouse but I reminded him that little mice are what carried Bubonic Plague to all of Europe. (Ok, so technically it was the brown rat, and even more technically it was their fleas, but whatever.) Then at some point I started babbling about the cartoon Tom & Jerry and Rob was looking at me like I'd completely lost my mind. Which I was starting to feel like. Terror will do that to you. 

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that in the end Rob had to hug me while I cried and babbled some more about how I couldn't believe we had an actual mouse in our house. Then I had the terrifying thought that maybe it had been a rat, which made me want to pack up the house and go to a hotel until the place had been fumigated. (Not that I hadn't already asked that we do that.)

Rob ended up taking me out to lunch for some "comfort food" and I drowned my horror in a bowl of fettuccine alfredo. 

I still am in shock. And terrified to walk by the radiators. Or to go down in the basement. I'm terrified I'll see something like this:

I'm sitting "criss-cross-applesauce" (as my 7 year old likes to call it) in my chair right now to keep my feet off the ground. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that we make it till Wednesday with no more mouse sightings!! And without getting the plague...or rabies. Shudder. 

A little while after we got home from lunch I passed the kids toy basket in the living room and saw this book sticking out. Oh the irony. 

30 August 2012

Famous Movie Bedrooms

 I've got bedrooms on the brain this week. You'll know why soon. You'll also be seeing pictures that I've been very reluctant to share....ones of my bedroom. Yikes. Up till now I've been waaay too chicken to post any pictures of our room in this house because it's just.so.awful. But my husband and I recently made some big improvements in the bedroom (hmm...that sounds weird.) So that's made me brave enough to show what we lived with for the past year.

But, all that is for another day. Today since I'm thinking constantly about bedrooms I thought it'd be fun to do a post with bedrooms from movies.

Here we go!

The Holiday

Iron Man


Somethings Gotta Give

Midnight In Paris


Marley & Me

My favorite is Iron Man's bedroom...I'd love to have a view like that!

I'll be back soon with pictures of my not-so-famous bedroom! Ready yourself. 

28 August 2012

DIY Cloth Napkins From Sheets

 Today I'm featuring a project done by my (real life) friend Katy from

Katy made these adorable cloth napkins using vintage sheets:

Of all the projects I'm wanting to do with fabric, it has never occurred to me to make napkins. 
I love how much these dress up the table; they are so pretty! 

I'm going to be on the lookout for pretty sheets! With one sheet I could make a ton of these and save us so many paper towels. I absolutely love this; thanks for the awesome idea Katy!!

27 August 2012

Beach Inspired Decor At My Sister's House

 Hi, I'm back from Florida and finally back to regular blogging! I was really sporadic about it while we were gone, but my blog wasn't completely off my mind- I was just having way too much fun soaking up the sun and the sand to sit down in front of the computer! But while I was away I did get some pictures to show you guys, like these of my sister's cute house- she has beach-themed decor all over the place and it's so pretty!

Here's my daughter admiring all the sea-themed stuff under the glass top of the coffee table that my brother-in-law built. I'll have to do a post about it sometime- it's such a cool table! 

I love how my sister has this adorable, beachy bag holding flowers and hanging on the wall in the entryway. 

This was my sister's wedding bouquet. Now it's in this pitcher in her living room and goes perfectly with the decor in her house. I love this idea!! My wedding bouquet was made up of artificial flowers too, but it never occurred to me to choose flowers that matched my house so that later I'd be able to display it. 

A shell on each place-setting. 

She put a book case in this little nook in the kitchen to hold cookbooks and bakeware. It was a great use of what had been dead space, and all the colorful stuff on the shelves looks so cute!

I love these mixing bowls!! And they all come with lids, which is awesome. 

Jars of bright flowers above the cabinets. 

I love my sister's house! 

If you want to see more pictures from my trip, and just random ones I snap throughout the day, then come follow me on Instagram! I'm brooke_bundy (the follow button is on my sidebar.) 

22 August 2012

Rooms With A View

We're heading home from Florida and I'm already missing the beach!
I'd love to live in a house with views of the ocean!

17 August 2012

Beach House

 Check out this gorgeous house on the river that we saw the other day while out boating:

It had it's own little beach out back- so cute and fun!!

09 August 2012

A Trip To Home Goods

 I've missed this store so much!!

Before we moved, Home Goods was only a couple minutes from my house. 
Now I don't have one close so I haven't been since moving to Minneapolis. 
So I knew that while we were visiting Florida I had to make a Home Goods visit!

I dragged the kids there with me the other day, keeping my 7 year old from whining too much by promising to take him out for milk shakes when we were done.

As always, Home Goods was full of tons of awesome stuff, but these are the things that really caught my eye and had me wishing we could rent a trailer for the drive home....

I saw these chairs right when we walked in the door and they were SO bright and the print was so fun. That pretty silver nailhead along the sides got me too.

There were a ton of great lamps. I loved the green scale print shade on this one.

Chevron is always fun...

I loved the size of this lamp. I should have taken a picture of myself with it just to show how huge it was. A pair of them on a console table or buffet would look so cool just because they'd be so big and out of scale. 

Oh and anyone who shops at Home Goods knows how spectacular their lamp prices are. Seriously good. At a lot of places you pay separate for the shade and the base, so even at Target you can easily spend like $60 on one lamp. But here at Home Goods, the price you see is for the whole thing, and they are crazy cheap. That first one I showed with the green shade, was only thirty bucks. 

The cheap prices only make it harder to keep walking through the isles!

Anyways, I digress....

I wasn't crazy about the base of this lamp, but I loved the ikat print on the shade. 

I guess I should mention now that I got my heart broken in the lamp isle at Home Goods. 

Twice actually.

This is the lamp that did it. 

My eyes landed on that gorgeous giraffe print shade and I felt my heart skip a beat, then I saw it's equally gorgeous twin sitting right next to it and it was all over. I was totally head over heals and I felt like I might die if I couldn't take them home with me. 

By the time I reached for the price tag I was whimpering. 

 And at this price they were practically begging me to take them home. 

But alas, there just is not room for them in the truck when we drive home. By the time we get to Minnesota they'd be destroyed. I doubt they'd even make it over the Florida border. 

And these two deserve better than that.

But walking away was seriously painful. I'd already pictured our whole life together, with them sitting on a side board in my dining room. Sniffle. 

Whew. It's hard to move on. But I have to. So here's the rest of the stuff that got my attention that day. 

Remember my leopard print post the other day? 

I loved this little silver side table.

And I was totally crazy about these little nesting tables.

Check out the top of them- gorgeous!

These baskets had me imagining a pretty, organized laundry room. 

This last picture cracks me up. My son was getting sick of me oooing and ahhing over half the store and was so ready to go. I was like "Ok, mommy's done; lets go!" And then when we were almost to the door I slammed the stroller to a stop because I spotted these lamps right by the exit. My son gave this huge sigh and then looked so exasperated while I snapped the picture. 

Ah Home Goods. You never disappoint. 

So glad I got to go! I'm still healing from my hurt over those giraffe lamps, but it was still a great trip!