27 August 2012

Beach Inspired Decor At My Sister's House

 Hi, I'm back from Florida and finally back to regular blogging! I was really sporadic about it while we were gone, but my blog wasn't completely off my mind- I was just having way too much fun soaking up the sun and the sand to sit down in front of the computer! But while I was away I did get some pictures to show you guys, like these of my sister's cute house- she has beach-themed decor all over the place and it's so pretty!

Here's my daughter admiring all the sea-themed stuff under the glass top of the coffee table that my brother-in-law built. I'll have to do a post about it sometime- it's such a cool table! 

I love how my sister has this adorable, beachy bag holding flowers and hanging on the wall in the entryway. 

This was my sister's wedding bouquet. Now it's in this pitcher in her living room and goes perfectly with the decor in her house. I love this idea!! My wedding bouquet was made up of artificial flowers too, but it never occurred to me to choose flowers that matched my house so that later I'd be able to display it. 

A shell on each place-setting. 

She put a book case in this little nook in the kitchen to hold cookbooks and bakeware. It was a great use of what had been dead space, and all the colorful stuff on the shelves looks so cute!

I love these mixing bowls!! And they all come with lids, which is awesome. 

Jars of bright flowers above the cabinets. 

I love my sister's house! 

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  1. Love it! Especially the table Matt built :) Haven't seen Joanie's house yet, but I always knew it would be adorable!

    1. Yes their house is so cute; I love it too! And Matt is so talented- the table he built is awesome!

  2. I like all the colorful mixing bowls on the bookshelf in the kitchen. Are those flowers in water? Are they real? Cute idea! And, speaking of cute--your daughter is precious.

    1. Thanks Linda!! No the flowers aren't real- my sister and I both suck at keeping the real stuff alive so we both use fake ones in our houses! :)

  3. A lot of great ideas in your sister's house. I like them all! And I think you sister and I have the same book case.
    Glad to have you back!

  4. Glad you are back, Brooke!

    The artificial flowers are pretty. I also like the table that your brother-in-law built. Reminds me of a similar table at Ikea.


  5. Cute! Love all of the pops of color. Such a fun little space!