03 August 2012

Gorgeous Florida Homes

 We're on our way to Florida!

And you know what that means....

I'm going to show you some beautiful Florida real estate {that I can only dream of owning.

I just might sell my grandmother for one of these houses.
Just kidding Grandma. 

She doesn't read this anyway. 

But seriously, there aren't even words to describe these places...spectacular maybe? 

I think house #1 has the perfect location: intracoastal on one side, and ocean on the other. (except during hurricanes- then that location would suck.)

House #4 is my favorite; it looks so pretty and plantation-ish; it reminds me of the Bahamas. 

Sadly I won't be staying in a place like this while we're in Florida, but I'll definitely be enjoying the ocean! Can't wait to get my tan on!!

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  1. SO envious. All I can think about is how much work those houses would be. Then I think, well obviously I would have a staff of hired help, duh!

  2. Yes, I love 4 too. The great thing about vacation is that I always come home inspired...and tired.

  3. Brooke, have fun in Florida. Please, enjoy the ocean for me.

  4. omg. the big houses looks so amazing! find your blog very interesting and good <3


  5. Beautiful!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. Very very beautiful and awesome home. I sure the owner of it has developed by taking professional designer tips.

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