02 August 2012

Heading Out Again

This time to Florida for a whole 3 weeks.

I'm really excited to go and see my family and lay on the beach!

It's been pretty crazy this week though getting ready to be gone for so long.
Luckily I've had my list pad to help keep me organized.

I got this from Holly who blogs at My Sister's Suitcase. She sent this to me before our last trip to Florida to help me stay organized while I figured out what I needed to pack. 

It's keeping me sane for this trip too. 

 I also wanted to mention today that I finally have a facebook page! I actually started it over a year ago, but only got as far as opening the page and entering my name and then stopped.

But now I've finally got it together and am actually using it, so before you go please LIKE it on my sidebar! Thanks!


  1. Have a great trip...3 weeks! Wow, it will be back to school time when you return!

  2. So jealous!! Have a great time.

  3. I "like" you on Facebook!

    Have fun in Florida!


  4. Have the best time!! We'll be heading down there right when you are on your way back. :( Sorry we'll miss each other.

  5. Wish we could have been there at the same time; it would be cool to meet up! Have an awesome trip when you guys go!

  6. I'm going to Florida in one week! Where abouts are you staying? xo

    1. That's awesome! I'll be in Daytona; how about you?

  7. I am your newest follower, stay in touch <3