06 August 2012

Lust List: Leopard!

but did you also know I once had a serious fling with leopard print?

It was high school. 
Everyone was doing it. 

And I did it in a big way. 

I wish I had a picture of my bedroom back then to show you guys. I had leopard print comforters, pillows, a rug...even a leopard print trash can. It was a little much. But I was young and I didn't really know how to control my impulses. 

But now I'm a grown up and I can totally keep my animal urges under control. 
And that's a good thing because leopard is back...
and it's better than ever. 

And this time around I'm restrained enough to keep it to small doses. 

Like with a rug:

Or I'd get some pillows: 

Or have it peeking out of a lamp shade:

I'd even have it on a piece of furniture:

Or on a book:

Or a tray:

Wait a second....Did I say this time around I'd be restrained?? 
Because screw that; I want this print on my walls!!!

This will happen in my house. 
And by the time it can (when we're no longer renting) the leopard moment will be totally over and I won't even care because I love this so much. Just you wait...


  1. I love how subtle it is peeking out of the lamp. I would personally go for pillows to make the place a little more fun.

  2. I love the first inspiration room/hall. So perfect!

  3. Brooke, I can't wait to see your home. In fact, I just got a zebra picture for my living room and I have to say that animal print is the way to go.

  4. I grew up in Africa so having anything animal-print was a bit ‘obvious’ so I never considered using it. But I’ve noticed that leopard print has started to creep into my wardrobe (I have a lovely pair of leopard print pumps and a purse) so I might just start using it in my home!

  5. Whatever you do when you get your own home it is obvious you will do it with enthusiam and style!

  6. I love every inspirations in this post particularly the entrance/ foyer image, the ottoman in the gorgeous closet, the chic lucite tray with the leopard print and that stylish leopard print book cover.

    Now, you made me crave for some leopard prints in my life! Looking forward to see some leopard prints on your wall some day, I bet it will be ultra fabulous!


  7. I was never a huge animal print gal but I'm noticing myself gravitating to it more and more. I love that closet pic with the leopard stool, fantastic!