28 September 2012

I'm Mixing Gold And Silver!

 It's obvious that I love silver. There are little splashes of it all over the place in my house. 

But, I also love gold. 

And I've gotten tired of choosing between two good things. 

I have to say that between the two metals, silver is my favorite. 
It just looks so elegant and sophisticated and cool.

But gold looks so glamorous and flashy and kinda haughty. I want a little of that around here. So I've decided to add in little bits of gold. 

If you're wondering if it's okay to mix silver and gold together in a room, YES it is! They look fab together!

Some of my plans for doing it have to wait till I have the extra $$, but that doesn't mean I can't get started in a few small ways. 

All it took was an .89 bottle of gold acrylic paint to get a couple touches of gold in here:

{Remember this Target find from a few months back?}

And this little plant who's pot I Mod Podged with the "like" at my last house...

After a few coats of gold paint:

I love it here on the tray mixed with the silver pears. 

I've got more golden plans for around here, so stay tuned!

25 September 2012

Spoonflower Is Selling Wallpaper!

 And I am freaking excited about it!!

If you have yet to look through Spoonflower's ridiculously HUGE assortment of fabric, I dare you to go check it out now. Just plan on getting nothing else done for the next few hours because I'm telling you, once you go searching in there it's pretty much impossible to drag yourself out. And once you finally do, your head will be spinning with fabric possibilities.  

It's where I got the pretty Ikat fabric to go on my dining room bench:

So knowing how unbelievably awesome their fabric selection is makes me soooo excited that they are now offering wallpaper as well!

And want to know the best part about their wallpaper? (Besides the doable price- $5 per linear foot.) It's  removable. So not only will it not be a pain to take down if you change your mind about it down the road, but you can also know as you're paying for it that should you leave the house you are currently in, you can take your gorgeous wall coverings with you to put up in your next place. So really, you're investing in your future. And it's perfect for renters like me! 

{I promise I'm not being paid to gush like this; I'm honestly super excited! haha}

Oh and did I mention that in addition to all their fabulous pre-made options, they also do custom? So you can create your own perfect-for-your-room wallpaper. 

Here are a few that have caught my eye so far:

Check out the rest of their wallpaper options here

I think I need some pretty paper in my life!!

24 September 2012

Space Saving Ideas In Kid's Rooms

 I love this idea for a kid's room- especially if the room is small and you have to get use out of every ounce of space you have:

By using the vertical space in the room, this little area fits space for sleeping, studying, drawing, crafting...and tons of storage! Leaving the rest of the room open for play and storage for clothes. I love this!!

Here's another idea using the vertical space in a room by keeping the sleeping area high, and incorporating lots of storage:

I love this vintage-looking little girl's room!! And how sweet is the little "balcony" next to the bed?!

21 September 2012

Plate Walls: Two Different Looks


Which look do you like best? I'm pretty crazy about the quirky wall of faces in the second picture. 

Happy Weekend!

20 September 2012

Organizing Silverware

 Here's a quick little organizing project I did yesterday morning:

All of our changes upstairs have got me inspired to keep fixing other problem areas in our house. 
Like this drawer:

All the drawers in our kitchen are really small so there wasn't room to use a cutlery tray to keep our silverware organized. When we first moved in and I was unpacking I just threw all the silverware loose into the drawer with the intention of figuring out a better plan later. 

Fast forward a year and we are still rifling through a big messy pile of spoons, forks and knives. It's a pain when we're looking for something specific and can't find it- we don't know if we should keep digging because maybe what we're looking for is buried in the back of the drawer, or if we should give up the search because all of what we need are dirty. 

I do have to confess however, that the only time I like this setup is when I'm unloading the dishwasher- putting away silverware is super speedy when all you have to do is dump them in a drawer!!

But I've been getting tired of this disorganized mess. I was thinking about looking for a few long, skinny baskets to put in the drawer to separate everything. But then the other day at Target I happened upon a really simple solution:

Up until now I'd had our dish towels in a basket on the counter because they wouldn't fit in a drawer.

I bought the caddy and decided I would just swap the two- put the dishtowels in the drawer where the silverware currently was, and put the silverware out on the counter in the caddy. 

This only took a minute to do but I feel so accomplished now that I finally got it together and fixed this huge mess of an area! It's a lot nicer already to not have to dig through the drawer to find what I need!

19 September 2012

Our New Bedroom

 Part 2 of yesterday's post about the bedroom switcheroo that we did a few weeks ago. 

To recap:

The bedroom we chose when we first moved here SUCKED so we switched rooms and moved into the bedroom that we had been using as a playroom for the kids. It's smaller but the layout is better. 

Here again is the first bedroom we were in, in all it's original, dark-paneled hideousness:

And here is how it looks now, with a fresh coat of paint, a thorough vacuuming, and a bunch of toys:
{It's the new playroom.}

Today I will show you what the original playroom looked like, and how it looks now as our new bedroom. 

*Note: if you are looking to be inspired by beautiful photos of beautiful decorating, you will be sorely disappointed. There are no pin-worthy images in this post. This move was all about function (which I explained in detail in yesterday's post). 

In fact, other than painting the walls of both rooms, and *finally* buying a duvet cover (but nothing amazing, just the first decent one I saw on a 5 minute trip to Bed Bath & Beyond) I really didn't do much of any decorating in either room. Especially our bedroom. Since I can't do with it what I really want to do, I've chosen to just do nothing until we have our own home again and I can execute the fabulous plans that I have in my head. If money was unlimited than I'd probably go ahead and just do something in here, but it's not, so...I'm not. 

So anyways, after that long disclaimer to make me feel slightly better about my underwhelming reveal, here is the "blue room" as I sometimes called it, back when we were using it as a playroom:

And also a "real" view of it...what it looked like most of the time!

We didn't mind the blue walls for the kids, but when we decided to make this our bedroom we wanted to make it a little more neutral so it didn't feel so much like a kid's room. 
To keep things super easy I decided we should just paint it white like the other room, that way we wouldn't have to worry about taping off all the trim. 

Here it is in progress:

One of my biggest tasks while moving rooms was organizing all the crap that had been piled up on these shelves. 

I bought some storage containers from Target

then I pulled everything off the shelves and sat in the middle of the pile and sorted. 

I love the storage boxes I got. They have these dividers that pull out from the corners so you can section off the box, or you can collapse all the dividers back into the corners if you just want the whole open box for holding bigger stuff. I got three different sizes and they ended up working perfectly for everything on the shelves. 

And here are the shelves all organized and in their new room:

And here is the rest of the room:

We've got all these blank walls that I may eventually try to fill, but only if I find stuff that I know I could make work in another house. I do have one picture that's waiting to be hung in here though, that was hand-made for me by a friend. But for now that will be our only pretty thing to look at.

I am so thrilled that with this move, we were able to get rid of all the plastic boxes that we'd had our clothes in! 
We still can't fit actual bedroom furniture, but we swiped these cubbies from the kids' playroom and used it for some of our clothes:

And with some editing we were able to fit the rest into the closet in this room and a walk-in closet that's in the (new) playroom. I'm only able to get half dressed in here; I have to go into the kids' playroom to get a lot of my clothes (and I take it back- I still do have one big plastic bin that I have to dig clothes out of in that room's closet.) But that little annoyance is way better than having plastic boxes stacked all around our room. 

I'm actually able to vacuum our room now! haha

It's so nice to feel more organized. Besides getting the shelves in order, I went through all the clothes, and just all the random stuff everywhere. I got rid of tons and organized the rest. I put some of my jewelry in a cutlery tray to keep it orderly. 

I am sooo much happier with our upstairs! Everything works so much better for us and I feel like I can finally breathe again when I'm in our room!! 

18 September 2012

We Moved!

 ...Just to a new bedroom!

The one we lived in for our first year in this house just wasn't working for us. 
Like, not at all. 

We downsized quite a bit when we moved here, so we knew all our stuff wasn't going to fit. So before we left Florida we sold tons of it, including all our bedroom furniture, with the plan to live out of plastic boxes for the duration of our time here. (3 years, while my husband is in law school.) 

And we did live for a year with all the clothes that wouldn't fit in the closets in plastic bins stacked around the perimeter of the room. It was awesome. Not.

Despite this we still had no space in our room.  I guess people back in the old days slept in tiny beds or something because even though we picked the biggest bedroom in the house, our king-sized bed filled up pretty much the whole room. 

It didn't help either that while we're here our bedroom has to serve two purposes- as the room where we sleep, and also as my husband's office. So we had to be able to fit a desk, a filing cabinet, a printer, a shredder, and a bookcase filled with officey-stuff. All but the bookcase was lined up on the wall at the foot of our bed. But the area was so tight that we couldn't push the chair all the way out from under the desk without it hitting the foot of the bed. This made sitting there super uncomfortable, and it meant that if one of us was in the chair and the other one needed to get to the other side of the room, the person in the chair either had to get up, push the chair under and step to the side, or the other person had to just climb over the bed. Both options were really annoying. Especially when you're carrying a huge basket of laundry. 

And just walking around the bed was annoying because the space on either side was so tight that in some places we had to walk sideways to get through. 

It really truly sucked. 

And now this is the part where I start hyperventilating. 
Because this is the part where I show you pictures. If I had an inhaler I'd be sucking on it now. 

Do.Not.Judge me. 
I did the best I could with what I had to work with. 

So just before we left for our trip to Florida in August, Rob finally threw up his hands and said he couldn't take it anymore and that we had to get out of this room.

He measured the room across the hall that we were using as a playroom (we chose when we moved in to shove all three kids into one bedroom so that they'd have the extra bedroom for all the toys) and he found that even though the room was much smaller than ours, the layout was a lot better. We'd be able to have our bed in a corner, which I KNOW is a decorating no-no but that would give us so much more walking space. And we'd have enough room between the foot of the bed and the desk that the chair could be pulled all the way out from under the desk. 

Meanwhile, the room that had been our bedroom would make a way better playroom for the kids because it has so much more space. They have this huge bean-bag that took up almost all the floor space in the smaller room, but in the bigger room they'd still have tons of space to play in even with that in there. ("So much room for activities!" haha.) 

As soon as we got back from our trip to Florida we made our move. First we had to paint though. That brown paneling had to G-O. We painted it white and now it actually looks kind of cool! 

Ready to see what the room looks like now??.....

This is the wall that used to have the bookcase and all the bins of clothes on it. 

Dare I say it....I actually really like the paneling now that it's painted!

This wall is the one that was at the foot of the bed, where our desk and filing cabinet and (this same) tv used to be. 

The closet...using it for the boy's clothes because they keep their clothing in the playroom (the rest is in that dresser under the tv.) I love that I can also use it to store toys and games. 

That measuring stick is from Pottery Barn Kids and I got it a couple years ago. 

The closet has this kind of awkward wall on the side so I painted it with dark gray chalkboard paint and now the kids have a big place to draw. 

It's amazing how much brighter and how much cleaner this room feels just with a fresh coat of paint on the walls!! (That last part could also be because now I can actually vacuum more than the doorway!)

It really feels like a totally new room, and while it's far from my dream playroom, it definitely works for now! The kids love it and they have so much more space to play. And it feels really good to walk upstairs and not immediately see this super dark, super messy room! 

Tomorrow I'll show you guys the original playroom that's now our new bedroom!