11 September 2012

A Sun-Drenched Home

Oh, what I wouldn't give for this much sunshine!! Living in an older home that doesn't get an over-abundance of natural light makes me really appreciate houses like this one. 


All images via Lonnymag

This home has a lot of pretty features but honestly what had me swooning was how bright it is inside! I seriously like a house so bright I need to wear shades indoors. And this place practically has me squinting just to look at the pictures, so I love it!!

Speaking of love, if you haven't entered the big reader appreciation group giveaway that I'm a part of, go do it now!! There are 9 of us very appreciative bloggers who want to give back to the people who make our blogs possible- you guys who read them! (ok, so I guess having a blog is still possible even if no one is reading, but it's a whole lot less fun!) So anyways there are 9 awesome prize packs up for grabs which means there will be 9 lucky winners!

Here's what you could win from me:

A 15 1/2 x 9 1/2 inch zebra print pillow cover
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Here's the pillow cover with a pillow form inside (form is not included though.)

And the two cute prints:

There's a ton of other stuff up for grabs from the other bloggers, including jewelry and beauty products so you seriously don't want to miss your chance to win! You've got till Saturday at midnight. 

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  1. Love this fabulous house! So bright and charming. Houses like these definitely lifts your spirits up in the morning!

    P/S: I entered the giveaway yesterday, by the way! :)


    1. Awesome, thanks Jessie!! I always seem to be winning fantastic giveaways on your site, so I'm really hoping you are one of the winners of this one!! :)

  2. I wish I had that much light in my house too. Someday...

  3. So charming and yes, full of light...what a luxury!!

  4. I would die to have that much light streaming through my house! Thanks for sharing.

  5. So inspiring,honey,I looove the post!;)

  6. I love how bright and sunny that home is! I wish I could live in a place like that! Especially with the white all around - it's absolutely gorgeous!

  7. How are you, Brooke?

    This home is simply beautiful! I hear you, my apartment does not get enough natural light...

  8. I LOVE that house - and you're right - it is sun-drenched. SO full of light. It's gorgeous!

    and so is your blog - I'm loving browsing through! I've signed up to subscribe!


  9. Love all these light filled spaces!!

  10. That home is gorgeous! I think the wood floors in the bedrooms really reflect the light well!

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