06 September 2012

Book Traders In Minneapolis

 Today I put my life in danger just to get some interesting pictures for my blog. Okay, so that's being kind of dramatic. But I finally ventured into this little book + curiosities shop here in Minneapolis that I've actually been really wanting to check out but that even from the outside gives me the heebie-jeebies.

From the street you can see all kinds of stuff piled up in the front windows- including several large animals that look like they should be roaming the plains in Africa instead of sitting in a shop window in Minneapolis. I've imagined the shop owner to be some skinny guy with long stringy hair who likes murder mysteries and has 15 cats. The place seriously creeps me out. But I've also been really curious about what's in there. It seems like the kind of place that might have some totally random but completely awesome object that would be super cool to display in my house. So my curiosity finally won out this morning and I told Rob I was going to go check it out. But I told him that if I wasn't back in a half hour and I wasn't answering my phone, then to assume that the shop owner was a psyco and that I was being raped behind a stuffed gazelle. 

As soon as I had one foot in the store I checked to see what the shop owner looked like. If he had been pale and skinny and looked like he may have his dead mother in the back room, I was spinning around and booking it back to my car. But it was an old woman so I felt a little safer going in. 

This place was PACKED full of stuff. I could hardly see the lady behind the counter because there was so much crap everywhere. 

But, some of it was good crap. I liked these horns that I saw pretty close to the front door. 

And I even kind of liked this skull and horns. Not for my place, but these would actually look pretty chic in the right setting. (minus the wooden base though.)

There were also a lot of cool old books.

I told you there were some pretty crazy stuffed animals in the front window.... (stuffed as in "used to be alive, and now is a dried out husk" stuffed, not "teddy bear" stuffed.) 

Here's the warthog I've always seen when driving by. Sorry it was hard to get a good picture of him. It was super dark inside the store. 

Check out this fox:

And this guy:

Are you beginning to see why I was nervous to go in here?? Obviously it's a store for a person with a penchant for dead things. 

Here are some sad little carcasses dangling from the shelf-tops:

And these stuffed squirrels were just about the most disturbing thing I've ever seen:

Seriously. Gross. 

Being from Florida I'm used to seeing these guys:

Aligator heads are a dime a dozen where I'm from. 

I had to get a picture of this armadillo since it also made me think of Florida. Thank goodness this guy was never alive!

The store actually has some really cute little animal statues. 
I loved this soapstone camel.

And these little wooden rhinos were adorbs:

 I had to get a picture of this leather zebra:

This giraffe was cute too: 

This is definitely a store where you have to wade through the trash in order to find the treasure. 
But there is some treasure there. It's just mixed in with lots and lots of trash. 

Here's an example of what the isles in this store were like:

This place is a hoarder's paradise. 

While I didn't find anything that I wanted to take home with me today, I'm glad I finally got up the guts to go check this place out! It was creepy but fun to explore. Even if the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end the whole time. 


  1. I love places like this one... They have so much funky stuff!

  2. Oh my!
    I saw your post on FB and came to check it out. I like the zebra, but got scared when I saw the fox... it looks real!!

  3. OMG! Those stuffed squirrels---I truly had a LOL moment, then was like 'really' somebody actually killed, stuffed and mounted them like that? SCARY. Scary shop.

  4. I feel sorry about the "stuffed" animals especially those squirrels but shops like these always piqued my interest. I love those adorable wooden rhinos, by the way!

    Thanks for your sweet comments today. Can't wait to show you the progress of our son's room next week!

    Enjoy the rest of your day, Brooke!


  5. Did you ever see the movie "Funny Farm"? It's one of my favorites and the stuffed squirrels reminded me of it. Hilarious!
    Have a great day Brooke.

    1. Lol! No I haven't seen that! I just can't believe someone would actually want something like that in their house!!

  6. That place looks like so much fun! Minus all the dead animals of course. :)