05 September 2012

Flowers From My Love {And A Mouse Update}

 Well today is Wednesday so you know what that means...the pest control guy came out to inspect the house for mice. (If you missed the epic mouse story you can read it here.) Despite all my fears, we made it from last Friday to today without contracting rabies or the plague. And also without another mouse sighting and with all the traps we set out untouched. I've been shaking in fear every time I've gone down in the basement, but I haven't even heard a squeak. The pest control guy couldn't find any signs of rodent life so he only set out one trap under the radiator where I saw the mouse run last week. He said he thinks it may have just been a random intruder who already left the house. Holy hell I hope so. But he did say that if we see any more, to call them right away because they'll then set up a "mouse account" for us and come arm the house with a ton more traps. I think that if I have to open up a mouse account then part of my soul will die.

But on to more pleasant things. I still can't find my camera cord, so I can't do a post yet about all the rearranging we did upstairs. So all I've got for today are these pretty flowers that Rob surprised me with yesterday.

Isn't he the sweetest??


  1. The "mouse account" sentence had me laughing so hard. Brooke, you are so funny! Glad the pest control guy didn't find any mice. :)

    Pretty flowers, by the way. Rob is such a sweet guy!


  2. Well I'm glad that mouse has vacated. And those flowers are beautiful. Nice guy :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the ikat ottoman, too :)