24 September 2012

Space Saving Ideas In Kid's Rooms

 I love this idea for a kid's room- especially if the room is small and you have to get use out of every ounce of space you have:

By using the vertical space in the room, this little area fits space for sleeping, studying, drawing, crafting...and tons of storage! Leaving the rest of the room open for play and storage for clothes. I love this!!

Here's another idea using the vertical space in a room by keeping the sleeping area high, and incorporating lots of storage:

I love this vintage-looking little girl's room!! And how sweet is the little "balcony" next to the bed?!


  1. I love the girls room so so much although climbing up the ladder might a little dangerous for them!!!


  2. Big fan of the top one especially. Doesn't it make you remember how cool bunk beds seemed when you were a kid too?

    Thanks for the comments today! No more purse finds but I'm sure it won't be the last time :)

    p.s. Did you know your e-mail address is hidden when you leave comments on other blogs? Just makes it hard for people to write back to you!

  3. My girls have been wanting one of those beds! We just settled for bunk beds! Life to the full, Melissa

  4. These are really cute! I've been toying with a bunk-ish bed idea for my 3 year old. He says he's ready for a real big boy bed, which would be an upgrade from the toddler bed he's in now. Giving him permission to climb something inside the house would be heaven to him. :) Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  5. Great ideas. My daughter is wanting a loft bed so badly!