25 September 2012

Spoonflower Is Selling Wallpaper!

 And I am freaking excited about it!!

If you have yet to look through Spoonflower's ridiculously HUGE assortment of fabric, I dare you to go check it out now. Just plan on getting nothing else done for the next few hours because I'm telling you, once you go searching in there it's pretty much impossible to drag yourself out. And once you finally do, your head will be spinning with fabric possibilities.  

It's where I got the pretty Ikat fabric to go on my dining room bench:

So knowing how unbelievably awesome their fabric selection is makes me soooo excited that they are now offering wallpaper as well!

And want to know the best part about their wallpaper? (Besides the doable price- $5 per linear foot.) It's  removable. So not only will it not be a pain to take down if you change your mind about it down the road, but you can also know as you're paying for it that should you leave the house you are currently in, you can take your gorgeous wall coverings with you to put up in your next place. So really, you're investing in your future. And it's perfect for renters like me! 

{I promise I'm not being paid to gush like this; I'm honestly super excited! haha}

Oh and did I mention that in addition to all their fabulous pre-made options, they also do custom? So you can create your own perfect-for-your-room wallpaper. 

Here are a few that have caught my eye so far:

Check out the rest of their wallpaper options here

I think I need some pretty paper in my life!!


  1. Thanks Brooke! I am going to "bookmark" this page immediately!

  2. Shut up!! I'm so excited!!! Wahoo, thanks for sharing. :)

  3. I didn't know they had wallpaper. Love the fact that it is removable. shoot, that's great!

  4. Ohhhhh. Love the leopard. It's definitely going to be next on the hot list!!! :)

    Much Love,

  5. Ive got to look into this! Removeable wallpaper? That's how I can jump back into it after only a few years ago finally purging my house of every last shred of wallpaper. But now Im loving it again!

  6. Never heard of them but those are beautiful patterns!

  7. The leopard and the peacock prints are mine! Thanks so much for sharing them with your readers. I have some of the wallpaper myself - and the wall decals and they are fabulous!

    Here is a link to my facebook page if you ever need some custom work!

    And this is my Spoonflower store:

    1. Awesome!! Those are two of my favorites!! Thanks so much for sharing your info with me!! I'll share it on fb!

  8. Beautiful! :)


  9. I love that these wallpapers are removable. Swooning over so many of the designs on their website!


  10. You can know that spoon flower is selling wallpaper. Know more about it