02 October 2012

Free And Easy Halloween Art

 October 1st is always the day that I bust out the Halloween decor, so I spent yesterday getting this place all creeped out! 
{I've also been dusting sparingly and letting the cobwebs do their thing to help get prepared.}

I got this idea from a friend for some super easy and awesomely creepy art for Halloween:

First, I printed out some old photos-

Mine happened to be some I found Facebook of some of my dad's relatives. {Sorry Dad.}

I could have had these printed up somewhere so they'd be actual photos but I wanted to keep this project free, so I just printed them up myself on normal paper. 

I'm sure if you wanted you could probably just google something like "old fashioned photos" and find tons you could just print out. That way you don't have to do this next part to a family member....

Stab them in the eye.

 I used a pen to poke holes in all the eyes. 
Then I taped little pieces of red paper over the holes on the back of the picture.

Pretty creepy, right?

I chose this spot to display them:

I switched out everything in the three frames for these guys:

 With some fake spider webs over them they look pretty perfect for Halloween!


  1. That photo was a little creepy, but fun! It looks awesome, Brooke.
    Hope you are having a great Fall so far.

  2. this is great! but would freak the heck out of me in my own home...it's that spooky!

  3. I like how this project is easy and spooky at the same time! So funny you took pictures of your dad's relatives!


  4. The little girl looks so creepy.