10 October 2012

How I Play {Or, How I Rearranged My Shelves}

 I don't think the shelves in the dining room will ever be "done". And I'm okay with that. 
Because it's so dang fun to rearrange them. 

So much fun in fact, that I was willing to brave this big pile of boxes in the basement in order to find some new accessories to use on them. 

When we moved in here, this is where all the stuff that wouldn't fit in the house but that we didn't want  to get rid of went. So periodically I like to dig around in the boxes and switch stuff out. 

I actually made changes to 3 areas the other day, although two of them were minor. 
I mentioned Monday not being able to take the final pictures (although I did get some crappy in-progress ones) because it was a really cloudy day so too dark in the house. Yesterday was cloudy too, but the sun came out for about half an hour in the morning so I screamed "It's sunny!!" and bolted up the stairs to get my camera. 

Here's one little area that I made a change to- the tray on the ottoman:


The tall, skinny glass bottle paired with the tall, skinny candlestick was bugging me. I felt like I needed something short and fat matched up with the candle so I dug out a small potted plant from the basement. 

Perfect: short and fat.

I had every intention of explaining my whole thought process while rearranging the dining room shelves and showing every last decision and the reasons behind each one...I even made sure to get photos of every single change I made- including the ones that didn't work and I had to change again. 
But now when it comes down to it, it's soooo very daunting to try to type out.
And lets be honest- how many will stick with me till the end anyway? I'd bet my Target vase that most of you would start scrolling the pictures halfway through my first rambled paragraph anyway. 

So, I'm just going to cut to the fun stuff- the pictures! One of these times I will actually record myself doing this because it's way easier to explain this stuff if I'm just saying it as opposed to typing it. 

Okay, so here we go- 
The shelves before:

and after:

If you're wondering what that is that's flying over the top right corner, it's a plastic bat. 
We're ready for Halloween in here. 

Left shelves:

Right shelves:

I've got plans for filling that big wooden bowl so the bottom shelf won't always look as empty compared to the others. 

Here are a few closeups of the details:

The skeleton keys belonged to my great grandmother. They'd been hidden in a bowl so I wanted to finally be able to see them. 

Behind them is a picture I made of a tulip- I'll show how I did it in another post. 

This plant got moved from the bottom shelf of the console table over here to the dining room radiator.
 It needed something to pretty it up a little. 

The spot on the console shelf that used to hold this plant got a stack of magazines and another framed flower picture.

Can you spot the kid in this picture?

Can I just take a moment to point out my photography skills?? 
See how perfect the house appears to be in the above photo?

I placed myself strategically behind that plant so that you wouldn't be able to see that when I stood up, things actually looked like this:

I'm sneaky like that. 

No, these were not easy pictures to get. 

Especially since I either had someone jumping in front of the camera screaming "Cheeeeeeese!!!!"

or someone hanging on my legs and just screaming.

I think they approve of the changes though. 


  1. I love it! How do you keep all that stuff on the ottoman without the kids taking it off? We have to take the tray off & put it back on when they're napping & sleeping!

    1. We have to do that a lot too!! Sometimes they will go hours or even days without touching it, and then other days they want to constantly touch the stuff on the tray. I'll finally get sick of having to yell no so I stick the whole thing up on the dining room table till they're sleeping! :)

  2. I really like the pictures of your daughter saying "cheese" and your son hanging on your leg. I am supposed to comment on your new arrangement but your kids are too adorable so I got distracted! LOL.


  3. I love the keys in the glass jar! Such a darling touch.

  4. I can totally relate - that is a good time in my book. :) And how fun that you get to go shopping in your own basement! Love your little helpers too :)

  5. Brooke, Jessie hit it....the kids stole the show.
    Your new arrangement looks great.
    I too, have things put away. It's fun to change items out. Makes everything look new again.

    It's been 45-50 years, but.....when our kids were small I was able to have them learn not to "touch". I started this lesson right from the start!!! They understood and realized they were off limits. They never bothered any of my pretties and when we visited friends and family they never touched theirs!!!


  6. Well done. Those kinds of shelves are so hard to style.

    The rugrats are adorable, too.