23 October 2012

Meeting Nate

Today I'm busy getting all of us ready to go out of town tomorrow. I wasn't going to do a blog post since I have so much else to get done, but I just had to tell you guys really quick about my exciting Saturday.

If you follow me on twitter then you already know about it. 

Nate Berkus came to the Mall of America here in Minneapolis on Saturday to do a book signing for his new book The Things That Matter. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed on Friday night and saw an announcement from him about how he'd be at the mall the next day and I started shrieking and jumping up and down. 

I excitedly ran to Rob and waved my phone in his face while I breathlessly told him that Nate would be at the mall the next day and that I absolutely had to be there. 

Rob was awesome and stayed home with the kids the next day so I could go out to the mall.
I was glad he wasn't there to witness how pathetic I was.

Seriously, I've learned that I just can't handle myself around celebrities.
I would love to be able to play it cool, and not get excited because they're just regular people, after all. 

But the thing is, they're not. They're just so much better than the rest of us.

{hahaha I'm kidding!} But really, they're far cooler than I am, so the prospect of meeting someone famous makes me completely giddy. And I act like a star-struck teenager.

So getting to meet someone in the interior design world who I admire so much was beyond exciting. 
I was actually shaking while I waited my turn in line. 

Here I am meeting him. Wish I could say I played it cool and thanked him for the signature, but instead the second I got up to the table I started rambling. I actually started out by going "Oh my gosh, hiiii!" 

Ack. You guys, I gushed like a fool. Then I walked off in a daze and wondered what the heck I'd even said. If I ever meet anyone I admire again, I'm going to force myself to just smile and say hi. 

But I just couldn't with Nate. But the thing is, he was so nice! He was just as nice as he seems on tv. 

And I am absolutely in love with his book so far!

This page has to be one of my favorites-

So even though I acted like a total dork in front of one of my favorite designers, I had an awesome time and I'm so happy I got to meet him!


  1. You had a grand day! Treasure it! I met (also acted like a complete idiot),and became friends with Kenneth Brown. I treasure his friendship and all the advise he has shared with me over the years.

  2. Lucky girl! LOVE Nate!! Have a great trip this weekend!

  3. OMGEEEEE I'm totally jealous! I haven't picked up the book yet, but it's definitely at the top of my wishlist!

    Much Love,

  4. That's so awesome you got to meet him! Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I would have reacted just like you did. In fact, I probably would have made a complete fool of myself and loved every minute of it!

  5. oh my gosh, hiiiii! Nate Berkus??? I am SO jealous right now! And I totally would have acted like a nerd in front of him too :) That book looks amazing... I have to get one now!

    1. LOL!! Yes you have to get one- I couldn't believe how cheap it was!! Only $30 and its beautiful!

  6. So awesome that you got to meet Nate! Enjoy your time away.

  7. You're too funny...but I'm sure the rest of us would have been just as starstruck. I've been enthralled with his book, it's beautiful and I haven't even gotten that far in! :)

    1. Haha thanks Sara! And Im not that far into his book yet either and I already love it! And it looks pretty sitting out which I love too!

  8. Lucky you! I just finished the chapter about Fernando. So sad. Love Nate!

  9. Replies
    1. He's an interior designer who's gotten really famous- he had his own show for a while and has been on a lot of other shows like Oprah, and he writes design books.

  10. Haha how cool! And I love that you totally freaked out- makes it more real.