03 October 2012

Tweaks To Some Art {And Even More Gold}

 Anyone sick yet of all my posts about gold lately?

It's just that once I started adding it in, it was so easy that now it's hard to stop!

Yesterday I ended up adding some more, over here on this wall:

More specifically, to this poem that I framed and hung here almost exactly a year ago {-the above picture, with the Halloween spider webs, is proof of my timing- I took it right after I hung this up for the first time.}

It's a poem I wrote to my husband almost 3 years ago for his 29th birthday. I wrote a 29 line poem, and put each line on it's own heart. When I gave it to him I had all the little hearts thrown into a jar with numbers on them. He had to arrange them by number in order to read the poem. 

I know, it's one of those things that makes guys sigh and roll their eyes. But I was squealing over the cuteness. Definitely one of those gifts you have to give alongside some kind of technology so your guy's not left thinking "This is it?" 

No but really, he thought it was cute. :)

So anyway a year ago I found it and thought it'd be fun to frame. The problem was I framed the original copy, with sloppy hearts that I'd free-handed and cut out of notebook paper. 

Plus I'd framed the white hearts on top of white paper so they kinda blended in. 

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to add some gold over to this wall. 
I wanted my {new} hearts to be mounted onto a gold piece of paper. 
I thought about going out and buying a piece of gold scrapbook paper, but in the end I cheaped out and just painted a piece of thick paper with the gold paint I got last week. 

Then instead of free-handing all my hearts, I thought I should actually try to make them all the same size and shape. Again I thought of taking a trip out to the store so I could buy a heart-shaped paper punch, but since I'm cheap resourceful, I decided I could just print out a heart from somewhere and trace it. 

I found the perfect size heart template here (I used the smallest one on the page).

I still just hand wrote each line onto the hearts, but it looks so much neater now that they are all {roughly} the same size.

And I love how I arranged them!!

I put the heart for the last line of the poem onto the mat and painted it gold. 

I think it looks so cute sitting out there by itself. And I love it painted gold so it looks like it was punched out of the gold paper. 

My first framing of this had been bugging me, so I'm glad I finally made it look a little cuter! And of course I'm loving the newest touch of gold I added!


  1. Brooke, I LOVE the hearts! Great! And they look 100% better on the gold paper. Now the real killer! That last gold heart on the bottom!!! The BEST.
    I warned you about the Gold Rush!!!!!
    It's impossible to stop.................

  2. oh.my.god. how flipping adorable are you? that is such a thoughtful gift, and time consuming. yeesh. love it as artwork!

  3. Brooke, how sweet and thoughtful of you. The artwork turned out fabulous!!

    I remembered doing something similar for my husband's (then bf) birthday. I made a birthday card for him with a poem inside. In the card, I included a paper that lead to another paper (about 10 papers total), sort of like a treasure hunt game. The final paper lead to his present. It was fun for both of us and I love seeing his anticipation and reaction! I did it for 2 years in a row. I decided it was getting old so I stopped. LOL. Perhaps I should do it again next time!

    P/S: Come by and enter my fun giveaway when you get a chance!


    Enjoy the rest of your day!


    1. How cute Jessie!! I love that idea- you should definitely do it again! And yes, I'll be over soon to check out your giveaway! Have a great day!

  4. Hey Brooke, were't you the one who was not going to jump on the gold bandwagon? This is the sweetest thing :)

    1. LOL!! Actually that was brass that I wasn't going to jump on, but even as I'm saying that you can't totally count it out- all it takes is for me to see that one thing that makes me love it! If I was a politician I'd be called a flip-flopper! lol
      Oh and thanks!! :)

  5. So cute! Love the idea and the final presentation with one gold heart on the mat, perfection!