15 October 2012

Using West Elm Bowls As Bowl Fillers

 I told you last week that I didn't leave empty handed after my visit to West Elm.

I'd had this idea that it might be fun to fill this big wooden bowl with little bowls. 

And I knew just the ones I wanted since I already have one of them sitting on the top of those same shelves:

A few of these little bowls would fill all the requirements that I was looking for in a filler for my wooden bowl: I wanted something shiny and new looking, to counter-balance the old bowl, and I thought it'd be nice if it was silver, since on the bottom shelf of the opposite shelves there is a big silver vase (that happens to be from West Elm). And, mostly, I wanted to fill my bowl in a way that was unique. 

And come on, isn't it just beyond clever to use bowls as a bowl filler?? 

I used some muslin in the bowl first to soften up the look and to get the little bowls to sit higher. 

Don't they look cute in there?!

I love how both sets of shelves now have something sparkly on the bottom. 

And I love these little bowls so I'm so happy to have more of them!


  1. Brooke, your idea is pure genius! I love the silver bowls as filler. Excellent counterbalance. I would have never thought to add the muslin. Great accessories on your shelves.

  2. Brooke, that was totally unexpected! Love the silver bowls, they are so pretty!

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    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Brooke!


  3. What a great idea! I love the sparkle along with the sparkle of your gorgeous chandelier!

  4. Super cute! I love this idea.

  5. They are so pretty - I love the sparkle! Genius idea!! :)

  6. That was a great little tweak! I love your dining room!

  7. Great idea and great balance!
    I also love West Elm.

  8. I think I HAVE to visit my local West Elm soon!

  9. love that idea. lovin what west elm has lately. love your dining room too btw!

  10. Cute! I definitely love those bowls!! :) I might just have to go get me some.... Those bookshelves are killer, btw!

    Much Love,

  11. What a great idea, I love the sparkle. Your dining room is gorgeous! That light is amazing!


    1. Thank you so much! The light fixture is from West Elm; it's their glass link chandelier. Unfortunately it's been discontinued; so glad I snatched it up when I did!

  12. That is gosh darn clever. And your dining room is unbelievable!

  13. Very creative.... Love that store!!!!