19 November 2012

Chandelier Or Drum Shade?

 With this gorgeous fixture, you don't have to choose. And I'm in love with it!

I wish I knew where it was from. I've seen tons similar but most haven't been this big, or had a shade large enough to cover almost the entire chandelier. And I love that this shade is so transparent, so the chandelier really shows through the material as opposed to just peeking out of the bottom like most in this style that I've seen.
This fixture has given me a DIY idea that I'm filing away for another day {and house}. 


  1. Brooke, go to overstock.com.....We have one! It was extremely reasonable! they have tons to choose from! When they are "lit" at night...the look is even more dramatic!!!

  2. I love it, too. The bigger the better! Wish I could use it in my house.
    It is both romantic and a tad edgy.
    xo Nancy

  3. Oooh, I love that! We just hung a chandelier/drum shade in our dining room. It's not quite as dramatic as that one, but I still love it.


  4. i love them too, here is the link to the one i just bought for my dining room!


  5. Brooke! hi!

    the hair salon i go to is a independent sort of place where they each have a separate space but lease it from the entire building. it has all sorts of fixtures in it. next time i go [early december] i am going to photograph the artistic elements that each shop has. it is a great place for ideas. my stylist's place has drum shades with a small chandelier in them. they got them on ebay!!!

  6. Love the gorgeous chandelier! Can't wait to see your DIY project!

    Have a good day, Brooke!