28 November 2012

Christmas Mantel

 I'm not yet finished getting my house ready for Christmas, but one spot that is ready
is the mantel.
Well...pretty much....still need to hang the stockings but first I have to get new hooks.
But I'm going ahead and showing it to you anyway!

I'm loving this sparkly vase filler so much that I'm seriously considering leaving it out all year.

I think if it's surrounded by non-Christmasy items I could make it look like it belongs. 
And it looks so good in that West Elm vase

The evergreen branches are from a tree in our front yard. 

I used another one in a vase on this table, along with some berries.

We have our Christmas tree but I haven't gotten it decorated yet. 

Hopefully I'll have it done by tonight. 
In the meantime I'm enjoying the simple but pretty look of the mantel!


  1. Brooke! yay! a work in progress is super. i'm putting on my mantel on Friday. I don't have my tree up yet. your tree is nice size and i'm anxious to see it all decked out. (no pressure, take your time)

  2. So pretty! We're decorating this weekend and I can't wait!

  3. Lovely, simple and warm! Love it. Your tree looks Grand!

  4. I love the simplicity and classic elegance of your mantle. : )