21 November 2012

DIY Couch Re-Cover Photos

 You guys, I did it!! 

I said I was going to re-cover my couch and get rid of all the microfiber, and I did!!

It was the biggest project of my life, and I never ever want to do it again,
but it's done and I love it and I'm so happy I did it!!

Here is the couch with it's original look:
microfiber in 3 different shades of brown, with a crap load of pillows lined up along the back. 

And here it is now after 4 days and 5 nights of my blood, sweat and tears 
{serious tears, after I hugely screwed up at one point...a story for another post!}

I am so thrilled with it!! 

And not only does it look a million times better, but it is SO much more comfortable!
We love the huge cushy back cushions- they are so soft and comfy and you just sink into them.

With the old pillows, we'd have to kind of arrange them behind us- you couldn't always just flop down and lean back, otherwise you could be slipping between two pillows, or there'd be a weird lump behind your back because of the way the pillows overlapped each other.

Now we can just plop down and be instantly comfortable.

Another thing I love is how the zebra pillows look with the fabric- the pattern pops so much now!

And the dark brown and cream of the zebra pillows is absolutely perfect with the dark brown leather and cream fabric of the couch- it's like they were made for each other! I swear I was inspired when I made those pillows

My absolute favorite thing though, is how the ottoman looks with the couch now.

Besides my husband and kids, that ottoman is my favorite thing in the house. And the plan was for it to be the star of our living room. 

But with having to compete against such a busy looking couch, it didn't stand out as much as I wanted it to. 

Now the ottoman in the first thing you notice when you come in the room, and the fabric looks AMAZING against the couch fabric. 

I love this couch from every single angle!!

From the dining room:

From the front door:

From the bottom of the stairs:

As someone who struggles to sew in a straight line, I am completely in awe of the fact that I just recovered a freaking couch.  Yes it was just the cushions, but they were so much more complicated than they seemed like they would be! Seriously, I haven't stopped congratulating myself since I finished. 

 I have family in town for the next week so I won't be posting a tutorial for this till after they go home. But I'll give all the details on how I did this (including my royal screw-up) after things settle back down around here. 

Here it is one more time...I freaking did that!! :D

Update: the tutorials are up! You can see how I re-covered the seat cushions here, and how I made new back cushions here


  1. Wow!! It looks amazing, Brooke! I love the larger back cushions. It looks much sleeker now.

    Hope you have a happy and restful Thanksgiving after all that hard work!


  2. Way to go, it looks amazing! I love it from any and all angles. I'm in love with your ottoman too. Great job and just in time for Thanksgiving.

    LOVE .....LOVE IT

  4. I hope you shouted "I am awesome!!" A couple of times when you were done, and ever time you look at it.

  5. I am so impressed, Brooke! It looks awesome! Good work!

  6. Brooke! I'm beyond impressed. It looks gorgeous. That couch will make you smile for a long time. :)

  7. Wow what a huge task and a huge improvement! I love it! Proud of you for sticking through it!

  8. OMG I can't believe you tackled that on your own! It looks seriously 100 x better. LOVE the color you ended up going with. You are totally right, the ottoman stands out so much more now!

  9. Brooke! wow! you worked hard! That was just a few weeks ago you were talking about the fabric. you are the energizer bunny! wow!

    happy thanksgiving ok - now relax. hahahaha.

    see you on Monday.

  10. I knew you could do it!!! WOW Brooke, it looks amazing. Like a brand new couch!! Have the best time entertaining on your fabulous couch. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  11. Great job Brooke! It looks beautiful! :)

  12. You did a great job, Brooke! It looks like a brand new couch.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  13. Congrats! I recovered my sofa last year and it was the most exhausting thing I've ever done. But boy what a difference. Everything looks better against white.