02 November 2012

Frame Fillers

Yesterday I took down all the Halloween decor, including the creepy photos in the frames by the front door.   

Even though for now I didn't put anything overly creative in the frames- just some pictures drawn by my oldest child and a photo of Rob and I- it got me thinking about more "fun" ways that I could fill them.....

Keys from past homes:


Ticket stubs/ meaningful cd or record:

Coins from travels:

Some things I've framed:


  1. Brooke, what wonderful ideas! I think you have a huge creative mind! I had to laugh at the home keys. Can you imagine if we had the 35 keys from all our homes?
    Seriously, the ideas are fabulous!

  2. Ditto what Patty said. Lots of clever ideas! The Bling-Girl in me wants the Peacock Paper!

  3. These are such great ideas! I love that wrapping paper!

  4. That FOR LIKE EVER is sooooo cute! LOVE this idea.

  5. What brilliant ideas! I love them all - but the keys from old houses is especially lovely!!


  6. This is some nice decor and very fun framing ideas. Thanks for coming by on my birthday, it was a wonderful day. I will join you as a follower, I think we have some common thinkings. Mary