29 November 2012

HGTV Home Pop-Up Showroom

 I just discovered something exciting at the Mall of America-

an HGTV Home Pop-Up Showroom.

I was walking by with my husband and brother and screeched "What?!?! An HGTV store?!?! We have to go in!!!"

It has this cool set up right when you walk in-
I don't know what you're suppose to do at this table, but I'm going back to find out!

They don't actually sell anything in here, but they have stuff like fabric and wallpaper and pillows and flooring that you can pick out and they can then order for you.

I instantly fell in love with this lamp.

They also have a few areas set up like rooms, to give decorating ideas.

I really loved this paint chip wall!

The best part about my visit was that I didn't walk out empty-handed-
they sent me with a free copy of HGTV Magazine!

I'm definitely going back so I can spend more time. It looks like it's here through the first of January. 
HGTV actually has a lot of exciting stuff going on at the Mall of America in these next few weeks- here are some details! If you are in the Minneapolis area you should definitely check it out!


  1. How fun! Loving the idea of that paint chip wall - could do it in an ombre....oh the ideas are just spinning

  2. That store sounds amazing! I had no idea there was an HGTV store. I could probably spend hours in there. That paint chip wall is so cool, and I love all the pretty fabrics and pillows.

  3. What a clever, very smart marketing idea!!! I was happy to hear you can order things that you like. Would it be worth having there all the time?

  4. Ditto on loving that lamp. The paint chip wall is awesome. Can't wait to read more about your time there! I'm sure there are many treasures to be discovered within that store.


  5. Brooke! what?! seriously! that is the coolest place i have seen in a bunch of times. wow! wow! do they travel or is it a permanent store in the Mall? I have got to google it. my gosh!

    have a smashing weekend and see you on Monday.

  6. Ooooh how fun! I want to go in one!