05 November 2012

Painted Picture Frames

 Over the weekend I made some changes to these frames:

And to these:

While a week or so ago I was busy switching out what was in some of them, this time I was focused on the frames themselves. 

I really love the look of this gallery wall that I took a picture of at West Elm:

I love the mix of the silver and white frames. 

It really goes well with the look I've gone for in my house, with a big mix of silver and white in my accessories. 

So I thought it'd look nice to do that silver and white mix with my little gallery wall. 

Here they are after all the black frames got painted silver and all the off-white ones got painted a bright white:

You can see from that last picture that I also cleared up some space along the wall around that console table. {I griped about that area here.}

Here it is before:

It's getting cold here in Minnesota lately so it's about time to bust out the mittens/gloves/scarves/hats/ etc. Which means I'm going to have to put yet another basket along this wall by the front door so that we have all that stuff in an easy-to-get-to spot. 
And three baskets on this wall would have just been ridiculous. So over the weekend I was determined to clear out this area a little.

I had to do more moving things around than it probably seems-

The lidded basket of blankets is now on the stairs-

-only that's not actually the same basket that had been on that wall. This is a smaller one that had been in a bedroom. I had to switch the two because the basket that had held the blankets was too big to go on the stairs.

The little table that had been in that spot on the stairs is now over in this unused corner of the dining room next to the kitchen doorway. 

I feel like I can breathe again with that wall area a little clearer. 

And I'm loving the look of my freshly painted picture frames!


  1. Your painted picture frames look great--very cohesive and 'clean'(hope you get what I'm saying). Brooke, I love that you don't move the toys out of your shots. It is how you live and makes the pictures of your home real.

    1. That is so sweet of you to say Linda! Thank you!!

  2. The frames look great! And your clearing up looks nice too. I'm not looking forward to pulling out my basket of "winter stuff".

  3. Brooke they look great! Wonderful change. So much fun to change things we have....everything looks new again!!!

  4. Love the change to the frames. Especially the silver!

  5. The frames look great! I painted some frames over the weekend too, it's such a great way to add new life to some old frames!

  6. Yours look really nice. I did a gallery wall in my previous home and it fricken drove me NUTS!!! It seemed the frames were always moving and I was always adjusting them. We lived on a very very busy street so the vibrations from the traffic wasn't the best. Gallery Walls are for the mellow minded and easy livers (hahahaha, livers? "going lifestyle"). Have a fabulous week and see ya soon.

  7. Sometime's a few changes here and there can really make a space feel better. Love the frames.

  8. Love light, bright frames! I just painted a whole bunch of dark veneer frames with a white paint too - sooo much better!

  9. Love the frames! I agree that West Elm provides such great inspiration!

    Love your home! Especially your dining area! Your chandelier is enviable.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
    xoxo Kerry

  10. Wow... they look amazing and I loved getting a sneak peek of your beautiful home. May be painting some frames now!