16 November 2012

Shell Inspiration

 I snapped a picture the other day of this picture in the book The Things That Matter by Nate Berkus 
{which I am LOVING, btw...I've only got a couple pages left}

I absolutely love this pretty ball made out of white sea shells!

This looks like a DIY waiting to happen...I just need to collect enough shells. From living in Florida I have tons of shells that I collected from various beach days, and I actually have a little jar of all white shells exactly like the ones used in the picture. I just don't have enough to do something like this. I'm thinking I could buy a bunch a lot easier than finding them. 

Right now I just need to stay focused on my couch (which is under-way!!) 
but this is now on my list of things to make!


  1. That is gorgeous! That Nate is full of great ideas. I have got to get his book.

  2. Brooke! focus FOCUS. hahahahaha. oh but isn't that shell ball awesome. This coming summer I want to have more ocean themed decor around than ever before. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST, girlfriend. let's see how we do on this one?

  3. Yes, Brooke, stay focused! But, I understand distractions..One needs to think ahead just to deal with the present!

  4. I'm now feeling a little DIY project coming on after seeing this! I live nowhere near the beach but I have collected shells throughout my travels and this would be a perfect way to display them!