07 November 2012

Store I'm Obsessed With: Calypso St. Barth

 Something I love to do is to pick a store online and look through literally every single one of their products and pin all the ones that I want. Some stores I end up pinning only a few things; others I pin like half the store. 

And a store I recently discovered was one of the latter- when I "window shopped" it, I ended up with a ton of new pins.
 It's called Calypso St. Barth, and it's home line is seriously to die for.

*Disclaimer: your wallet may die from the prices, which can be a little on the steep side. Or your husband might kill you when he sees the receipt, so...be warned. 
Personally I think the risk makes shopping there seem all the more exciting.

Here are a few things I'd gladly put my life on the line for:

Mirror Moroccan Tray

Woven Bench

I tried telling Rob the other day that I'd be so good about saving money if only I had a golden piggy bank to keep it in. He wasn't buying it. {Literally.}

There are a few things from this store that I feel like I need (like those coasters!) so you'll be seeing them again on my Christmas list!


  1. Fun site and yes, it does hit the wallet. Can dream!

  2. Wow, I'm obsessed now too. I'm really loving that piggy bank! How adorable!

  3. I love that gold piggy bank! It's adorable and very chic!

    Have a good day, Brooke!


  4. Score! What great stuff. I'm off to explore...

  5. That store has some gorgeous stuff! Too bad it's to expensive for my little wallet. I love all your picks, especially the piggy bank, it's so cute!

    1. I know; way too much for my wallet too! I can't imagine spending over $200 on a pillow!! Or a piggy bank for that matter. But it's really really cute! :)

  6. Way cool Brooke! I loved the 1919 note the most cuz my grandpa and great grandpa died (along with 4 other family members) in 1919 due to the Influenza outbreak. I pay attention to dates like crazy. I didn't know your husband was in law school and that has taken you to Minnesota. Sharp contrast from Florida I bet. Your are blessed.

    Thank you for the compliment on my photograph. It feels so good to have a fully functioning computer that lets me freely go to your site and comment, again. YAY!!!

  7. I knew they sold clothing, but I didn't know about their home decor! Thanks for brining it to my attention! : )

    I'm overly-obsessed with those cowhide coasters. AMAZING. They're going on my birthday/Christmas wishlist ASAP.

    That gold piggy bank is cute! If you're looking to add a little piggy to your home, may I suggest CB2's gold pig bookends. I just got them and they're so cute and affordable! I named mine Wilbur. : )


    1. Those are so cute!! haha and I love that you named them! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Brokke, I love this store too! I knew they sold home decor, but not clothing! The opposite of another reader :)

  9. Those coasters are amazing and I think I need that piggy bank asap! So cute.

  10. I've been in the clothing store but I guess that was before they had home furnishings.....I guess it's a good thing because I would have wanted to buy something!!!!