14 December 2012

Fabric Picture Mats

 I have a bunch of scrap fabric left over from re-covering my couch
Yesterday I thought I'd mat a couple pictures with some of it. 

The first one I did was this family picture at the beach.

It sits on these shelves in the dining room:

When I first framed this I had stuck a gray piece of scrapbook paper behind it to serve as the mat.
But I always love the look of fabric mats; they just look nicer than paper or card stock ones.

So I used the paper mat to size and cut out the fabric:

Then I taped the photo to the fabric:

And popped it back in the frame:

Someday I may attempt to diy an actual fabric photo mat...you know, one with a cut-out in the middle that would sit on top of the picture.
But for now I'm satisfied with just setting the photo on top and calling it good. It still gives it a nicer look, and I love the little bit of texture the fabric adds. 

I also did this to the diy flower art on the opposite shelves. 

I used the flower picture as my guide for cutting out the fabric in the right size:

Then I trimmed up the picture so it was just a small square around the flower.

I taped the picture to the fabric:

And then stuck it back in the frame:

These were just 2 minute changes but they made a difference.

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a great idea!
    Both pictures are so professional!
    You are extremely clever.

  2. Love the way this looks! Def adds something, without paying expensive custom framing prices!

  3. This is such a great idea! Definitely better than cutting the mat. I'll have to try and remember this.

  4. Brooke! LOVE! these shelves are AMAZING. your personal touches are so "going the extra mile" stuff i love. so, you liked the furlined AND the pink? i loved ALL of them!!!

  5. great idea, especially when you have a weird size picture that you can't find the right size frame for

  6. all the little details you added make it so amazing! thanks for checking out the blog...hope we can connect more :)

  7. So cool. Love to see your projects. Very inspiring.
    Hope you have a nice week.