06 December 2012

My Dream Sofa

This is the Bliss Down-Filled Sofa from West Elm.

Check out that seat cushion- it would be like sitting on a giant body pillow. 
Doesn't it look amazingly comfortable?!

The big, plush pillows on this sofa are what inspired me to make the big pillows for my couch

I want the Bliss Sofa sooo bad.
That's where I'd nap every Sunday afternoon.
{Who am I kidding....If I had that sofa I'd make time for a nap every single day!}


  1. I'm such a sucker for a down sofa. Love feeling like I can just sink into a giant cloud. This one looks amazing. Although I'm not sure how I feel about such low arms.

  2. Brooke! oh my gosh, yes! i love that sofa, too. so much. my only concern would be if someone sat right in the middle would the side ends flare up? you know what i mean? but yes, i love that styling and the lines etc. and of course, the color, too.

    thanks for bringing it to my attention and so i can place in my mind of dreams. lol

  3. Brooke the sofa you beautifully recovered is just as lovely as the one at West Elm!! It was a great inspiration and you exceeded it!

  4. I wish I was close to a West Elm so I could go and sit in it!! Heaven!

  5. It is a nice sofa! I wish they made something with a high back and arms and down-filled cushions. Yum!