31 January 2013

Being Social

 I feel like I struggle to keep up with social media. 

There are just so freaking many options. 

I've been invited by several people to join their google + circles, but I haven't yet because I haven't made a profile on there and I'm a little overwhelmed at the idea of keeping up with yet another social media site. So I'm sorry to the people who've sent me invites. I'm not trying to blow you off I swear. 

I'm always hearing how bloggers are suppose to be really on top of their twitters and face books and posting updates on them multiple times a day. I'm proud of myself if I just remember to link up the day's post to each of them. 

But I am on Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. 

So I'd super like it if you followed me on them. 
All the links are on my right sidebar. 

And I'll try to get it together and be more social on them. 

30 January 2013

DIY Sequin Art

 I LOVE this wall art made by Virginia of 

You won't believe what this frame and it's art looked like before Virginia got her talented hands on it:

I think she's amazing just for being able to see the potential hidden under all that mauve! 

Virginia has a great tutorial for this DIY art on her blog! Check it out here!

29 January 2013

Guest Post: Liven Up Your Living Room

Today I have a guest post for you about easy ways to freshen up your living room's look, using things you already have!

DIY Ways To Liven Up Your Family’s Living Room

Every once in awhile, you probably find yourself looking around your home and thinking that it is time to liven things up a little. Maybe you find yourself staring at your beige bedroom wall and thinking, “This wall should be red.” Or perhaps while doing dishes in your kitchen you think, “It is time for a new dishwasher.”

Or maybe you find yourself sitting in your family’s living room and thinking, “This place could use a bit of excitement.” But maybe you haven’t done any of these things because you think that you don’t have the budget to do it. There is good news for those of you feeling a little strapped for cash but ready for change: there are easy ways to use your household items to liven up your current family room’s seating options.  Below are a few ideas to get you started.

DÉCOR IDEA #1 – Make the drapes your new pillows.
If you are thinking about replacing your drapes but you do not want to waste the fabric, consider using them to make new throw pillows for your couches. You can pick the least worn spots of the drapes, e.g. the parts that show the least wear and tear or fading from the sun, and use the other parts for other reasons. Your guests and family members may recognize the pattern but be unable to place where they’ve seen it before.

DÉCOR IDEA #2 – Bring in the plants.
Plants are a great way to really bring a room to life largely because plants are actually alive! If you take some of the plants from around your home and move them into your family room, you will see that it really brightens the room. You can also consider cutting some flowers from your garden or some thin branches from a nearby tree. It can be a great centerpiece or topic of conversation.

DÉCOR IDEA #3 – Create mini-rooms.
If you have a large living room, you can break it up into smaller spaces using nothing but the furniture that is already in there. For example, try putting a loveseat in front of the fireplace, with a small rug in front of it to set it off, and then place the other chairs or couches on the side to create another seating area. You can also use screens or bookcases as temporary dividers.

DÉCOR IDEA #4 – Reupholster some furniture using a blanket or sheets.
Reupholstering your furniture can make a huge difference and does not usually take very much time. In fact, it is so cheap and easy to do this simple carpentry work, you will be very surprised. Start by finding some fabric in your home – a comforter you stopped using or some sheets that you don’t use anymore. Then measure the size of the furniture to make sure you have enough fabric to cover it. Cut to size and grab the stapler. That’s all it takes!

If you don’t particularly like any of these ideas, get creative with the things you already have around your house and think of some new ones. There is no limit to the things you can do if you just give it a shot! What are you waiting for? Get started!

About the author: Lisa Steele has been involved in the home and garden industry for many years covering a litany of topics. When she’s not writing, you can find her reviewing companies like Seats and Stools, and many other worthwhile décor companies.

Thank you so much for the great ideas Lisa! {And for the day off!!}

28 January 2013

A Kitchen That Shines


I am so in love with this shiny white kitchen! 
What gives it this gorgeous affect is that the cabinets are painted with a high-gloss paint (Benjamin Moore High Gloss Super White).

I definitely want a kitchen with super glossy cabinets someday! 

25 January 2013

Valentine's Decor

 The day of love is not too far off!
Do any of you decorate for it?

I have to admit I never have. By the time I've taken down the Christmas decorations, I'm so tired of holiday-themed decor (since Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are back-to-back) that the last thing I feel like doing is covering the house with red and pink and hearts for a month. 

I think I'd be okay with having just little touches of Valentine's Day around, but with stuff that really goes with the look of my house. So if I left it out all year long it wouldn't look like it didn't belong. 

Stuff like this:

23 January 2013

Lust List: Art

 I'm in love with- no, obsessed with- the gorgeous art and photography prints by Leigh Viner on Etsy. 

These are just a few of my favorites- she has tons of gorgeous prints in her shop that you must check out!

22 January 2013

Courteney Cox's Gorgeous Home!

 We've been experiencing negative temperatures the last few days.
Negative temperatures as our highs for the day. 
So as much as I've loved having 4 seasons since moving to Minnesota from Florida a year and a half ago, lately I find myself dreaming about a house on the beach. 

Courteney Cox's house is really doing it for me today. 

I'd kill to be sitting out on this deck right now. 

The house is just as gorgeous on the inside-

All photos via
See here for more photos and details. 

18 January 2013

How To Make An Oversized Shadowbox Frame

A week ago I showed a bunch of pictures of this finished wedding veil display, and now I'm finally back to give the details on making the shadowbox frame. 

For the first wedding veil display I made {which you can find here} I just used a cheap poster frame to frame the veil and the For Like Ever lettering. As you know, that frame got broken by one of my two year olds. 

But to be honest, that frame had problems even before it was broken. It didn't have enough depth to handle the comb on the bottom of the veil, so the front of the "glass" {which was actually just thin plastic} was bowed out over the comb. After a while it started cracking under the pressure. 
So I've actually had plans to eventually make a new frame for this veil. The breaking of the old frame just speeded up the process. 

Like most of the bigger DIY's that happen around here, I have Rob to thank for making it happen! He deserves a best husband award for listening to what I want and then figuring out how to give me exactly that. As was the case with this new frame. 

I wanted a really large shadowbox frame- even bigger than the old frame had been- and I wanted it to be thin and simple, with enough depth between the backing and the glass to easily fit the comb on the veil. 

Rob got these trim pieces to use for the frame- here's what they look like from the front:

The front is wider than the back, which makes this little overhang that was perfect for a piece of plexiglass to sit inside. 

Rob cut the corners at 45 degree angles

And then used a nail gun to attach them all.

 I used Elmer's wood filler over the nails and at the corners where the pieces of wood met up, then sanded and painted the frame white.

Here is what Rob got to use as the backing of the frame:

Here's a picture of the sticker on the back of this board, so you know what exactly it is:

He cut it so it was the same size as the frame, NOT the size it would need to be to drop in right behind the plexiglass and rest on that little overhang on the inside of the frame. That way there would be a nice open space the depth of the sides of the frame for my veil to hang out in. 

Here's a couple pictures to illustrate that:

See how the backing lines up right at the edge of the frame?

{I totally could paint that white by the way, but it's not really noticeable so I haven't bothered to.}

That makes it so theres the whole thickness of the frame's depth inside, so there's plenty of room for my veil. If Rob had cut the backing so that it dropped into the inside of the frame and rested on top of the plexiglass like a normal frame, we would have lost all that space. 

Hopefully I explained that part okay. 

Anyway, back to the backing-

I took a swatch of our ottoman fabric to Joann Fabrics to find a gray fabric that would look good with the ottoman. 

I found this grey duck cloth that I cut to fit the frame backing and used a spray adhesive to attach. 

Once I had the backing ready it was time to make the letters for the For Like Ever.

For my first For Like Ever poster I had just printed out the letters and used them as-is. This time I wanted them to be a little more special. 

So I got this hammered gold scrapbook paper from Joann Fabrics.

I printed out the letters for the wording,

 cut them out, and laid them out on the gold paper to see how many I could fit on a sheet.

Then once I had that figured out I flipped the gold paper over to the back and glued the cut letters face down to the back of the gold paper. 

That way when I cut out the letters from the gold paper, they looked like this from the front:


I took my cut letters down to the basement where the backing for the frame was and using a tape measure and the plexiglass as a straight edge, I got the wording lined up and glued it down with clear-drying craft glue.

I love the different textures going on with the metallic-looking letters and the fabric.

I set the frame on top just so I'd know how much room I had for my veil, then I laid that out and got it arranged the way I wanted it.

I used a bunch of these Elmer's Glue Spots to hold my veil in place.

They were perfect because they're really strong, so they hold everything in place really well, but I can easily pull them off if I ever decide I want to remove the veil for some reason. 

Once everything was adhered to the backing, it was time to put the frame together. 

Rob used liquid nails on the inside of the frame to hold the plexiglass really securely-

Oh and speaking of the plexiglass, here's the type we got, from Lowes. I can't find the receipt for the exact price, but it was around $20 for this 30in x 36in size.

We let the glue dry overnight just to make sure it was really secure in the frame, then we laid it face down on the basement floor, laid the backing facedown over it, and then Rob put several screws around the edges of the backing going into the frame. This way it's held together really well, but if something goes amiss inside the frame and we need to open it up to rearrange things, its easy to take the back off. 

And here we have it- my beautiful new wedding veil display!

The first one I made was really special to me since it held the veil I wore almost ten years ago when I married Rob. This new one though has even more meaning since Rob and I made it together. I told him we'll have it in our house for as long as we live. For like, ever. 

*To see more photos, and how this new frame compares to the old one, go here