11 January 2013

A {New} Wedding Veil Display

 Yesterday I hinted about a project Rob and I have been working on all week. 
And it's finally finished!

And then a few weeks ago my two year old son knocked it over and broke the frame in half. 

So this week my husband and I worked on reframing my veil, but this time we actually built the frame ourselves. 

And here it is- my new and hugely improved wedding veil display!

I love this one so much; even more than the first one!

Here's how the first frame looked from the front door:

And now the new one from about the same spot:

I can't help noticing in these pictures how much better the room looks with the ottoman and the newly re-covered couch too!

Here's an old view from the dining room:

And here's the new frame from the dining room:

Here's an up-close comparison:



My favorite part about the new display is how the grey fabric background looks with the grey on the ottoman fabric:

They are so perfect together!

I can't wait to give all the details on how we built the frame and laid everything out! I'll be back with that next week! 

*Update- the how-to post is done! Go here to see how Rob and I made this!


  1. Brooke! awh! I love it. (your new 'for like ever') I am sure loving the lightness and brightness you have brought to your living room, too. You sure can see the difference in just a few specifically placed white elements. You have inspired me! You always do.

  2. Looks so good! Love that you went with gold and a white frame! I def like this one more!

  3. So pretty, Brooke!!! I loved the old version too.

  4. PERFECTION!! I love it even better than the original too. SOOOO awesome!

  5. What a terrific idea! I love it even more than the original. you did an excellent job! beautiful!

  6. Wow! What an interesting idea!

    Ali of:


  7. I like the second one better too, it's larger and it looks brighter with the white frame!

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  8. um, GENIUS!!!! This is totally gorgeous!

  9. Love this idea, I didn't wear a veil when I got married, but the wheels in my head are spinning now with some other way to incoporate "For Like Ever". :)