31 January 2013

Being Social

 I feel like I struggle to keep up with social media. 

There are just so freaking many options. 

I've been invited by several people to join their google + circles, but I haven't yet because I haven't made a profile on there and I'm a little overwhelmed at the idea of keeping up with yet another social media site. So I'm sorry to the people who've sent me invites. I'm not trying to blow you off I swear. 

I'm always hearing how bloggers are suppose to be really on top of their twitters and face books and posting updates on them multiple times a day. I'm proud of myself if I just remember to link up the day's post to each of them. 

But I am on Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. 

So I'd super like it if you followed me on them. 
All the links are on my right sidebar. 

And I'll try to get it together and be more social on them. 


  1. Girl, I feel your pain! As self-employed folks, we wear so many hats. Social media is exhausting!


  2. Brooke, hello! Don't feel bad. I stopped my fb account that I have had over 4 years because it was all goofed up when I tried to add my simple sequins to it. I am on Pinterest and Bloglovin and I want to do instagram. That is it! G+ is not at all appealing to me. Did you hear me, Google? NOT AT ALL APPEALING. lol. No, seriously. We are fine like we are Brooke! I find your posts and love them. What more is there? right?

    1. and ...I just followed you on Pinterest.

  3. I hear ya, Brooke. I think I posted a similar post in my blog last year. It gets overwhelming....
    Google + is new to me. I have my profile, I share my blog posts there and that is pretty much all I do with it. What else are you suppose to do there?
    I think there are a lot of people in the same boat. I've noticed that a lot of blogs I use to visit, they say the same thing: ...I'm trying to cut back a little, I've spent too much time in social media and I need my life back....

  4. Hi Brooke - I'm following you now! I know exactly what you're talking about! I waited forever but I just started my facebook page tonight! Here's the link if you want to join! www.facebook.com/29RueHouse

  5. Have you ever heard of Twitter Feed? It will tweet your posts automatically.

    Ali of