22 January 2013

Courteney Cox's Gorgeous Home!

 We've been experiencing negative temperatures the last few days.
Negative temperatures as our highs for the day. 
So as much as I've loved having 4 seasons since moving to Minnesota from Florida a year and a half ago, lately I find myself dreaming about a house on the beach. 

Courteney Cox's house is really doing it for me today. 

I'd kill to be sitting out on this deck right now. 

The house is just as gorgeous on the inside-

All photos via
See here for more photos and details. 


  1. Oh wow it's amazing! And her view is incredible!

  2. We just got hit by our first really cold weather here today, so going to the beach sounds like a really good idea

  3. It's amazing! I love seeing the grey and white color scheme, I bet I could live with it if I had that blue ocean outside!

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