15 January 2013

DIY Cheetah Pillow Cover & Throw

 Yesterday I posted a project by my talented and creative friend where she framed a placemat and used it as wall art. 

Today I've got another one of her recent projects- a body pillow cover and throw, both made from a twin sized sheet set that she found on sale. 

It's the body pillow that's right behind the dark pillow, and then the throw folded at the end of the bed.

I love that subtle cheetah print!

Sheet sets often go on sale for really cheap, and they'd be a great way to get inexpensive fabric for things like blankets and pillow covers. 

A big thanks to my friend for letting me share her projects! It's not the first time I've posted about something she's done. You can see a mirror she made from a ceiling medallion here. She needs to just start a blog already!

I'm actually dying to show pictures of her new house- she and her family just bought a log cabin and it is amazing inside!! It has a lot of unique features, like the ladder in their master bedroom that you can see in the above picture, that leads up to a loft. As soon as she's done with the house I'll post pictures!

And now I'm off to keep going through my house and clearing out the clutter. It's amazing how much accumulates in drawers and closets and cabinets!


  1. Sheets are great to work with. I have used them for window treatments. Love that they are "finished"....no sewing needed!

  2. Sheets are such a great option when looking for fabric. I love this room! All the wood is gorgeous!

  3. I guess I'll start looking for fabrics in a different department...
    Great idea!!

  4. awh, Brooke! This bedroom is dreamy. Thanks for sharing her stuff with us. That's cool.

    Good luck on organizing and cleaning. I'm just going to blog to high heaven today. I have been running around too much the past few days. ...BUT, I have my own computer back now and it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! A blogging we will go ............