25 January 2013

Valentine's Decor

 The day of love is not too far off!
Do any of you decorate for it?

I have to admit I never have. By the time I've taken down the Christmas decorations, I'm so tired of holiday-themed decor (since Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are back-to-back) that the last thing I feel like doing is covering the house with red and pink and hearts for a month. 

I think I'd be okay with having just little touches of Valentine's Day around, but with stuff that really goes with the look of my house. So if I left it out all year long it wouldn't look like it didn't belong. 

Stuff like this:


  1. I love both sets of heart bowls and the embroidered heart pillow! Great finds!

    I was just working on a post about some of my Valentine's Day decor for Monday. So yes, I do decorate! : )


  2. Awww love the west elm bowls! So cute! I think Valentine's Day is such a cute holiday! I don't decorate much, but I do love a good valentine and chocolate :)

  3. I have never decorated my place for Valentine's day, but actually for this year, I was thinking about it, because around that time my husband and I will complete 10 years together.
    All of these are adorable!
    Happy weekend.

  4. I love the tiny heart print and both the sets of bowl. So cute! I plan on getting some decorating done this weekend.

  5. I've never "decorated" for Valentine's Day. I might have something with roses or hearts on the dining table, if I were having a small romantic dinner with MC.....that's not happening so I don't have to worry about it! :)

  6. hi Brooke! Your post is so cool - as usual, my sweet. I have metal letters that spell out L O V E or vole or v ole, whatever. They usually spell LOVE. hahahaha. I also have a few things. Perhaps I will share it on my blog post. I haven't been blogging a year yet, so to see the fun seasons come up in blog land are way fun. Thanks for the motivation to do something cleaver.

  7. Love that pillow the T&C...great post. Happy Weekend.

  8. that first set of bowls is totally calling my name
    love them

  9. I always love the stuff that goes with V day, but I never decorate for it. I think I still have a Christmas hangover and just can't get the energy to do anything that festive so soon after :)

  10. Love the heart bowls from Etsy and West Elm! Also like the T&C pillow. Great finds, Brooke!