04 February 2013

Introducing An Awesome Artist....And A Giveaway!!

 I'm so excited about what I have planned for you guys for Valentine's Day!! 

First let me introduce you to Erica.

She's the granddaughter of Patty Day, who has the blog Patty's Epiphanies

Erica is also a talented artist. She has an Etsy shop called Irisi Designs.

Now, you guys know I'm super sentimental, right? 
I love saving things that remind me of a special time, or place, or person, or whatever. 
But I hate having those things shoved into a box. 
I like finding ways to display them, so they can make me happy everyday when I see them. 

That's why I think Erica's art is so fantastic. 

Erica preserves peoples' keepsake items- costumes, blessing dresses, wedding dresses, scouting uniforms, baby clothes...you name it really. But she doesn't just preserve them- she turns them into art. 
Like adds them into a painting that she does, and makes them a part of the painting. 

It's really amazing. And makes for something that's super special and unique. 

Just look at how this:

Becomes this:

So beautiful, right? 

Here are a few more that she's done:

Now keep in mind that the items I just showed you aren't for sale- those are custom pieces she's made for people using keepsake items of theirs. 

But she does also make For Sale pieces from vintage items that she finds. 

Here is Erica to explain how she got started doing this and why preservation of keepsake items is so important:

A few years ago, my grandmother came to me with a challenge. She needed a painting (like I had done for her several times before, see here, on my grandmother's blog: http://pattysepihonies.blogspot.com/2012/09/ericas-art.html ), but this time she had a reference image of an illustrative dress on a canvas. That got us both thinking, and what evolved is absolutely gorgeous! This is a 100+ year old Christening Gown that has been treasured and worn, but most recently before becoming a painting, stored in a box.

Fast forward about 3 years and many many encouraging words later… MORE keepsakes are now becoming ART! 

Why would someone want to send me one of her treasured items to paint all over? Because a dance consume, or baby's first outfit, or that special t-shirt from your husband's rocking' 70's concert days, or a wedding veil… well, they just don't do anyone any good in a box in a closet or the garage. Memories need to be SEEN to be remembered everyday! 

See, this is what happens: This is me, looking super adorable when I was 5 years old. And THIS is my "blue" costume today, after 22 years living in an old cardboard box my parents have toted around, house to house, then storing it in the attic. I think I will try to color correct it with textile dyes, but I'm really not sure if it will ever be the same. Similarly, the Christening Gown wasn't going to last much longer either… time was wasting away the fabric to the point where it was unwearable. This is why preservation is SO IMPORTANT!

Bookmark my Etsy shop ••• http://www.etsy.com/shop/irisiDesigns ••• and check it often! I am posting new work weekly! I am working very hard to have a variety of pieces, showing many ideas of what you may have stored away that could make a fabulous art piece. I am also collecting cool vintage items that will become unique novelty art pieces that will be one-of-a-kinds for sale.

A few custom pieces "on the books":
• a baby's first hospital outfit
• a teal blue, sequined and feathered dance costume
• a super cute baby boy's sweater
• baby blankies
• a Frank Zappa 1970's t-shirt

And a few "novelties":
• neckties
• various vintage gloves
• vintage lingerie (still looking for just the right piece for this one!)

AND **teaser!** this will be posted this week!

Thank you for letting me share my creative passion. I hope this inspires you to sort through your special memorabilia, gather your story and comment on this post. I very much look forward to reading each one, and gifting the "Lovers" art piece to Brooke's winner! Good luck and SHARE, REPOST, TWEET, EMAIL… gosh, JUST TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Artfully yours,
~ERiCA Dougherty

irisiDesigns : Memories Becoming Art
Greensboro, North Carolina

Thanks Erica!

And now on to what I have planned for Valentine's Day: A giveaway of one of Erica's ready-made pieces of art! I figured what better way to celebrate a day all about love, then to have a giveaway that revolves around preserving the things that remind us of the people we love! 

And this piece of art that Erica is giving away to one of you is perfect- it's even called "Lovers"

It's a vintage leather man's glove and sheer woman's glove on a 1' x 1' canvas. 

To be eligible for entry you must be a follower of this blog AND you must visit irisi Designs and leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite item in her shop is.

For Additional Entries:

1. Favorite irisi Designs on Etsy- leave a separate comment 
2. Like Inside-Out Design on Facebook (Link is on right sidebar)- leave a separate comment
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6. Leave a separate comment about what keepsake item you have that you think would make a great piece of art. 
7. Link to this giveaway on Facebook- leave a separate comment
8. Tweet about this giveaway- leave a separate comment

The winner will be announced Thursday, Feb 14. 

Oh and if you order something from Irisi Designs, mention that you heard about it from Inside-Out Design and get 20% off your order.







  2. Good Luck Everyone! I'm so thankful for the creative support! Let's have some fun!

  3. How fun to see Erica's work on display over here!! I know how proud Patty is of her talented Granddaugter, as she should be. What a wonderful gift to someone that wants to preserve a special memory in a very unique way. I am not signing up for the giveaway, but just had to congratulate Erica for her new shop and to wish you continued success in your artisitic endeavour!!
    Very impressive!! Good luck to all who enter!!

  4. What a wonderful talent - you surely must have inherited this from your terrific grandmother who I have loved getting to know through blogging!!

  5. Forgot to say that the christening gown is amazing - what a lovely way to preserve something so precious...

  6. Hi! Those ballet slippers that she has are adorable!!

  7. It's such a beautiful way to keep special items on display. Erica is very talented to say the least as it seems to run in the family :)

  8. I am a follower of your blog!This write up is so interesting.What a unique way of preserving keepsakes!I am a reader from Delhi,India and hence,I shall not be eligible for your giveaway....

    1. oh darn!! How much do you think it would be if you were to win for me to ship it to you???? I'd hate for you to not be able to enter because of where you live.... :(

      ps... I've never been to India, but the cuisine is AMAZING and the colorful culture is such an inspiration!

    2. Hi Erica,That's so sweet of you!Your pieces of art work are beautiful!I've never seen this sort of work before...India is a diverse country.You must visit it once,specially Rajasthan!It's so vibrant and colourful in every respect.And yes,the cuisine here is amazing as you say!

  9. This is super cool!!!

    Much Love

  10. By the way,I really love the ballet slippers!Extremely cute!

  11. Love your blog, and follow and stalk all your fine websites :-)
    All gorgeous including the Ballet Slippers; however, the Christening gown is breathtaking and my favorite of irisi designs.

    Take care.

    1. breathtaking!!! Oh my! Thank you!

  12. Oh How beautiful ... I still have my Girls' Christening Gown hanging in the attic! Perhaps I need to email you! Your Grandmother has been such an inspiration and fun getting to know in blogland!! I wish you much success!! xoxo

    1. Please do! I would love to make a very special piece for you!! erica.irisi@gmail.com

  13. Love love love the Christening gown! Even though I don't have any children yet, that piece is definitely my favorite! I can imagine it hanging in a future baby room! AND it still maintains the delicate look of the lace and material which is so beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Winner is announced tomorrow!!!

  14. I love the christening gown! What a beautiful way to cherish such a precious moment! I may need you to do one for my sweet niece, Ella Jane later this year!

  15. I love the dance costume! It is colorful, loud, and proud. So much fun left in the piece! Amazing job lady!

    1. "loud and proud" LOVE it :)

  16. These are beautiful Erica! I love the idea of displaying memories as artwork. Hope that you get a lot of interest!

    1. thank you, Rachel! it's fun and mixes many of my passions :)

  17. Wow, I'm really impressed. You have done an amazing job of displaying many of the items most of keep boxed away. You did an incredible job with the christening gown. I also loved the two you did with the gloves. Can't wait to see your future works of art!

  18. If you haven't seen these in person, you are definitely missing out. As cool as they look in the photos, they are even cooler in person! It's a great keepsake! Great job Erica!

  19. If you haven't seen these in person, you are definitely missing out. As cool as they look in the photos, they are even cooler in person! It's a great keepsake! Great job Erica!

  20. If you haven't seen these in person, you are definitely missing out. As cool as they look in the photos, they are even cooler in person! It's a great keepsake! Great job Erica!