07 February 2013

Silver-Dipped Table Legs

 Sometimes once I start something I just can't stop. 

Then that looked so good that I gold leafed a bowl
And finally, I decided that I couldn't just stop at gold so I got some silver leaf and used it on this table. 

I'm still crushing on the "dipped" look that was so big last year but which I've had yet to participate in, so I thought it'd be awesome to give my table legs a dipped look using silver leaf. 

Here they are with a coat of glue:

And then with a couple layers of silver leaf:

Now as you can see, after adding the leaf it looked like CRAP- super uneven, peely, just awful looking.

But I fixed that by gently sanding the edge where the silver leaf met the paint, and then used the paint color from the table to make a straight line at all the edges. 

My last step was to seal it all with poly-crylic. 

And I love it!

And now I'm putting down the leafing kits and backing away slowly before things get out of hand and I start silver leafing the kids.

This was actually my last project for a while. I'll tell you why in tomorrow's post!

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  1. Brooke, now you have my curiosity; baby, job, - what?

    I know what you mean about gold/silver leafing. I learned how to do it about 20 yrs ago and I was putting silver to anything and everything. When that solution stuff ran out I stopped. (to cheap to buy more?)

    Awh, your nice comment to me made me blush. You are what I said, tho, you are! :D

  2. Woot!! Nice work! I definitely love that look. Would be amazing with a darker coat of paint, too. The contrast would definitely stand out.

    Much Love,

  3. The table looks great. Now I'm curious about your news!

  4. Ok now you have me really tempted! I need to try out some gold leafing myself!

  5. You tease! :) Are you all moving? Can't wait to hear the big news!