14 February 2013

Winner Of The Valentine's Art Giveaway!

 Happy Lover's Day!!

Ready to see who won the giveaway? 

Erica, of the Etsy shop irisiDesigns made this beautiful piece of art to give to one lucky participant of this giveaway

It's a 1' x 1' canvas with a vintage leather man's glove and sheer woman's glove. 

And the lucky winner is....

Rachel Gamage


Thanks so much to everyone who entered! 
And please be sure to visit irisiDesigns and see all of Erica's beautiful artwork, custom made for people using their most special keepsakes. Thanks so much Erica for sponsoring the giveaway!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 


  1. Congratulations....Rachel....
    I am so proud of Erica and am glad you will be enjoying one of her pieces of Art!

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winner. I think Erica is so talented AND extra creative for finding her passion in this niche market of artwork and memories. I know Patty is one proud grandma!

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  4. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! How fun was this!!! I am soooo grateful to everyone and the wonderful support!!! I have 2 more paintings in queue for the weekend!